Holiday Blues? Read this

Have you felt the holiday blues or do you know someone who’s feeling down?  Holidays can be exhausting with emphasis on spending money, chores and family drama. We may question whether it’s worth the effort.

Holidays are especially tough when we are grieving. It is not easy to feel like celebrating when we miss our deceased loved ones.

Yet it can be very comforting to know our deceased loved ones don’t miss us–They don’t have to miss us! They are still with us. They continue to share in our joys and our sorrows. They want us to experience our lives to the fullest. There will be plenty of time later to be with them in the Afterlife.

Right now the holidays are here and it is time to park the family dramas. Put your grief on hold now.

Be present in your life for your loved ones here in the physical world.  Be present for your SELF.

Attitude of gratitude, one day at a time. The holidays are worth the effort because YOU are a gift.

Put up the Christmas tree or light the Menorah.  Go to the party.  Dance to the music of your life!

Peace & Blessings,
Susanne Wilson

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