Headache Remedies: For Mediums & Intuitives

Every occupation has benefits and challenges. Working as a medium or an intuitive provides one with the benefit of the satisfaction of helping others. While there are many professions where one can help people, only intuitives and mediums seem to suffer from occasional third eye headaches.

Located in the brow area, the third eye isn’t really an “eye.” The third eye is the main energy center-or chakra–that helps one receive and process spirit and intuitive information. A competent medium or intuitive usually has a quite well developed third eye.

Based on a decade of data collected in my journals–about my students’ and my own experiences- third eye headaches occur when a medium or intuitive is:

1) newly developing

2) working while dehydrated

3) lacking sufficient protein in the diet

4) overworked

5) combination of the above



If you suffer with third eye headaches, I hope that you realize that all of these factors are within your control!

You need not overwork. You cannot fill the cup of another, if your own cup is empty.

“Overwork” is defined as any of the following:

  • conducting too many readings in 1 day
  • conducting readings for too many days in a row
  • working too much or too often with those who are in the most extreme grief
  • conducting 1 reading for too long of a duration; longer is not better

See the Doctor 

Of course, you should see your doctor to ensure you aren’t ill with something different from a third eye headache. I once had a brain MRI due to my unexplained headaches. Upon reviewing my MRI results, the neurologist said, “You have a beautiful brain. What is stressing you?”

At the time, I was the director of a center for leadership at a large university. I loved my job, and I couldn’t imagine it was causing the headaches. It then dawned upon me: I had been taking an intuitive development course on weekends. My third eye–which had been getting a workout–was simply sore! The headaches went away in just a few weeks.

Here are several suggestions for getting rid of a third eye headache.

First, please realize that a third eye headache can be an early warning sign that you need hydration or protein in your diet, or that you need to see your doctor. However, it could mean that you have overworked as defined earlier.

But once you get a headache, you’ll want to deal with it quickly!

Here Are The Home Remedies

  • Place some lavender oil on your brow chakra, between readings, and before bedtime.
  • Hold a stone on your forehead or lie down with the stone rested on your forehead. First, use clear quartz crystal for
    clearing, followed by amethyst for recharging.
  • Cook with bay leaf. It has healing properties, especially for the third eye. Or crush a bay leaf, and put some lavender oil or lemongrass oil on it–just a bit–and make a small poultice. Place the poultice onto your third eye and put a bandaid or tape gauze over it. Leave it on for 1 hour or so. Use caution with bay leaf. Be careful with fresh bay leaf, which is more powerful than dried bay leaf. The scent of fresh bay leaf can make a “sensitive” become a bit dizzy. Also, please do a small skin test on your arm to make sure you aren’t allergic to bay leaf before making a poultice.
  • Wear indigo colored clothing.
  • Sleep on indigo colored sheets; or simply use an indigo pillowcase, if you
    don’t want to buy new sheets.

Best wishes to you!

Susanne Wilson is a scientifically authenticated medium, author, and spiritual teacher. She is based in Carefree, Arizona and known as the Carefree Medium.

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