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Mark-Ireland1-180x200Mark Ireland answers the question: Why do some people “demonize” spiritual mediums?

Many folks who are outwardly religious are biblically illiterate and just repeat what they have been instructed to believe by others.

Fundamentalists read scripture literally because it is like a safety blanket that makes them feel like they are anchored to something with no ambiguity, and that they are on the “winning team” and everyone else is doomed. They assume that everything printed on the page of each book of the Bible is the unquestionable word of God, dropped down from heaven, and that they alone understand it.

If a person invests any time or effort to learn a bit more about the various books of the Bible, including authorship, timeframe, and context in which those individual books were written, they will back off literal interpretation and look for symbolic meaning.

The bottom line is that the Bible is inconsistent on these matters, treating them very positively in some areas and negatively in others.

Most negative passages are found in Old Testament books that also say slavery is acceptable. Come on people…God does allow you to think! Do you think that slavery is or ever was God’s will?

Also, what do you think the modus-operandi are for all of the miracles in scripture–assuming you truly believe in them? Right…the same abilities Susanne is mentioning here. No one understands it because our our society has become so materialistic that even in the church people don’t talk about the Gifts of the Spirit because (below the surface) they really don’t believe these things are possible. So that leads to another interesting question…Who are the real believers?


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41BSJvDXOhL__AA115_1God puts great people in our paths. I am happy to know Mark Ireland, who is not only a great person but a soulful writer and my friend. Mark’s father was Dr. Richard Ireland, a famous spiritual medium who counseled celebrities, appeared on television programs, gave lectures, and demonstrated his abilities worldwide.

I remember being a young girl watching the Steve Allen Show with my granddad, both of us marveling over Richard’s amazing abilities. It wasn’t until decades later, after Mark’s dad and my granddad had both crossed over, that I would meet and get to know Mark. We have a shared interest in healing grief through proving the existence of the afterlife.

41HX+Sgw89L__SL160_AA160_2Mark’s book, Soul Shift is a must-read for anyone coping with the loss of a child. I have recommended it to many clients who have given me positive feedback (and purchased additional copies). Mark & his wife, Susie, have devoted countless hours to peer counseling grieving parents.

Your Psychic Potential is the ultimate text for everyone interested in developing their intuitive skills. I use it in my psychic development coaching and seminars.

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