Got Skepticism?

Susanne-08.20.2011-200x200My name is Susanne. I am a medium. I am a skeptic.

People often ask me for advice on how to handle those who are skeptical about the paranormal. When I first respond by stating that I am a skeptic, sometimes the reaction is similar to WTF?

Listen, I encourage open-minded skepticism because it’s healthy. I am an open-minded skeptic. What I’m really being asked is how to deal with closed-mindedskeptics, the hardcore variety. My advice might surprise you…

Open-minded skepticism means reviewing evidence for evaluation of truth on a case-by-case basis. That’s what I do. I am pragmatic. As a medium, I continually work to develop my abilities so I am able to provide the highest level of evidence.

Closed-minded skeptics reject evidence to the point where truth is obscured. Truth that can heal is denied by closed minds. When someone discounts his own intuition, when he purposefully ignores clear evidence from spirit, in a way he is rejecting his connection with universal consciousness. I believe this explains why so many hard core skeptics are depressed (and depressing) individuals.

I’ve heard a theory that hardcore skeptics are repulsed by psychic abilities because they, themselves, were persecuted in past lives for practicing those same abilities. While I haven’t seen evidence for this theory, I am open to it because I am an open-minded skeptic :)

rainbowMy best advice to you about dealing with closed-minded skeptics is simply DON’T.

Think about this: If you had a special calling to take on the hardcore skeptics of the world, you wouldn’t be asking my advice. Instead you would be writing books & speaking on the subject.

Live your truth & lead by example. You are not obligated to convince anyone of anything. Don’t fall into the trap of debating the closed minded. Disengage. Preserve your energy for better & higher purposes.

Trust that when you stay positive, you will draw more like-minded people to you, here in this “classroom of life.”

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