Getting in Touch with Spirit Guides

As a Spiritual Medium, I know first-hand that Spirit Guides exist. They are here to bring us peace, protection and inspiration. The word “inspiration” is made from the words “IN” and “SPIRIT.”

 When we feel inspired, it seems spontaneous, like a bolt of energy from out of nowhere. You may wake up simply knowing what to do. Or, it’s like that cartoon where the light bulb illuminates over your head for a split second, and then the big idea is planted in your brain…That is how Spirit Guide communication can feel.
 I’m glad that Spirit Guides are increasingly being discussed and accepted in the mainstream. Most of my clients seem to accept that Guides are working to help them. Most of them believe they receive communication from Spirit Guides on a subconsious level, such as in dreams. But what clients really want to know is how they can consciously get in touch with their Spirit Guides. I have some advice.

I’ll give you my advice for contacting your guides on a conscious level. But first, I’d like to ask you to think about the context of their existence. Why do we have Spirit Guides? I believe it’s because the Creator loves us, and he knows we need their help.

Earth is our school. We are spiritual beings having a physical existence on Earth. We’re here to learn, teach, love, serve others, and achieve our greater good.

Our lives are filled with learning curves, some very steep like coping with cancer or losing a spouse. When you’re in the midst of challenges, even if no one is there with you physically, don’t think for a minute that you are alone. You are never alone. You are surrounded in spirit.

The best way to recognize guidance from Spirit is to quiet your mind and pay attention to everything around you. Now, I’m not going to lecture you about meditation (though I think everyone can benefit from it). All I am saying is that being preoccupied or worried blocks your inspiration. Being worried blocks your ability to recognize signs.
Here’s a simple exercise that I personally use to receive inspiration from Spirit Guides. It’s called Quiet Session

Here are the Quiet Session steps for Spirit Guide Contact:
1. Intention
2. Quiet
3. Reflection

STEP # 1 – Intention 
Go into a quiet room in your home. Light a candle, sit in a chair, and state your intention. Your intention is to receive messages intended for your greater good from your Spirit Guides. My recommended way to state intention is to first give thanks. For example: “Thank you, Creator, for my life and for my Spirit Guides. My intention is to receive clear communication for my greater good from my Guides today.”

STEP # 2 – Quiet
Next simply focus on your breathing. When your mind wanders, just let the thoughts float away on their own (don’t push them). It helps to repeat a simple phrase, such as “I love my Guides” or “Thank you, God.”

Start with 5 minutes a day and work your way up to 15 minutes for your Quiet Session. Add soft music and incense whenever you are ready, if that is what you wish.
STEP #3 – Reflection
After 3 or 4 Quiet Sessions, start keeping a pad of paper and pen next to you. At the end of your session, pick up the paper and pen immediately. Quickly write down everything that comes to you — Scribble down all thoughts, symbols, initials or anything that comes to your mind, even though it’s random. Let it flow. Keep your notes (by date) so you can refer to them later. Say “thank you” to your Guides and the Creator when you are finished.
You will start to recognize guidance from Spirit when you practice these steps. Even people who never write anything down find that Quiet Sessions enhance their perception of signs (from Spirit) and their recognition of unexpected opportunities. Go forth and be INSPIRED.
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