Get the most from your reading with a psychic medium

This is not a fluffy, feel good article…This is frank, straightforward advice anyone can follow to get the most from a reading with a psychic medium.  Follow my tips & trust that the Other-Side wants to communicate with you just as much as you want to communicate with them.

Ask the Medium how your loved ones are sending you signs.

Your loved ones are sending messages directly to you.  Feel free to ask the Medium what signs you are getting & see what he or she says.  For example, I had a husband come through to tell his wife that he “called her” on her cell phone a few months after he died.  She nearly fell off her chair & confirmed it was true–An old voice message had mysteriously reappeared on her phone.  It was her husband touching base to say he loved her.

Your loved ones on the Other-Side communicate directly with you, using a special language I call the love language of heaven.  They are not “lost” and they continue to be present in your life.  But because they no longer have physical bodies, they communicate using their own language — Signs, symbols, emotions and synchronicities — As their way of saying ‘Hey–I’m still here & I love you.’

Document your reading.

If your reading is private, make an audio recording.  If your reading is part of a public group, take notes.  You will need documentation because your memory is susceptible to omitting (or even embellishing) the details.  Perhaps more important–Your reading can keep “giving” to you if you document it.  Revisit your reading over time & you will likely pick up even more validations.

Pay attention to details that can’t be researched.

Assuming you got a referral or did your homework on the Medium–Don’t be concerned about whether the Medium looked you up on the internet.  The folks on the Other-Side generally work very hard to provide information that nobody can research.   For example–My specialty is bringing through the personality of the deceased with specific details so you know it’s really them.

Don’t feed the Medium.

Allow the communication to flow naturally, FROM the Medium to you.   Don’t volunteer information–Do acknowledge the information you recognize so the Medium can hear your voice & stay connected keeping the flow going.

Accept that you will not understand ‘everything’ during the reading.

Your checklist…#1-Open mind; #2-Grateful heart; #3-Willingness to allow your reading to unfold.

NEVER dismiss someone from the Other-Side who shows up with a message.  Hear them out.  The strongest spirit energy usually comes through clearest, often bringing other loved ones directly behind them.  By telling them you’re not interested, you are royally screwing up big time (my technical terminology).

It’s okay if you can’t place some of the information on the spot.  Sometimes Mediums can do too much interpreting instead of just giving you what we receive.  We are only human & we are not perfect.

Another possibility–The delivery was correct but you could have temporarily gone blank (referred to as ‘psychic amnesia’).  This can happen because a lot of information comes quickly & the energy can make you a little nervous.

And finally–You may need to touch base with a family member to verify a piece of information later.  So when the Medium says Just write it down, that is exactly what you should do.  Some clients jot down notes about their family history prior to their reading & this can be helpful but it’s not necessary.

In a group reading–Stay open to the possibility of learning from another person’s message.

Must you tweet, post or text?  REALLY?   The better (and more polite) behavior is to listen to everybody’s messages—Maybe there’s a nugget that can apply to you.  Try to be supportive of others. If your thoughts focus on ‘What about me?’—You might block yourself.

Relax & enjoy your reading.

With spirit connection–We do not make it happen…We let it happen.

Susanne Wilson is a spiritual medium, psychic consultant and teacher in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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