Easy Way to Cleanse Your Aura

Negative thoughts, words, emotions and illness…All of these can weaken your aura. Positive thoughts, words and activities carry energies that strengthen the aura.

 The aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. Every living person, animal and plant has an aura.
A strong aura enhances your physical, emotional and spiritual health. A weak aura does the opposite, making you vulnerable to negative emotion, illness and leading to decision making that is not in your best interests.
As a natural born Spiritual Medium, I have been seeing auras since I was a young girl.
Today, I teach people several techniques for aura protection and healing.
All the techniques are easy to learn and use. All the techniques require visualization and intention. This means “visualize, believe and you will receive.” I invite you to attend my June 5th workshop, “Your Healthy Aura” in North Phoenix. Meanwhile, I’ll share one of these techniques with you right now.

You can use your morning shower to cleanse and protect your aura. Anyone can do this. It’s easy.

First, focus your breathing so that you are very calm. I recommend taking three deep breaths through your nose, before you turn on the shower.

Then say your prayer of intention:

Holy Creator,
Thank you for blessing me with this day,
For my life and all my blessings.

I ask that you infuse this water with
Your Divine White Light.

So that I may bathe in 
Your Peace, Love & Protection.

I then say “Peace, Love & Protection” three times more. At the same time, I visualize the shower water as white light flowing over me.

Please try this for seven days in a row. You will find that intention becomes good habit. And you will feel the difference. God bless you!

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