Dreading the Holidays? Read This

Every year, I hear from several clients who dread the holidays. They had a bad year. They failed to reach an important goal. Or they are grieving for a much-loved person or pet.

There’s good news! Our people and pets are enjoying their lives in the heavenly dimensions. They want us to enjoy life too! And they never miss an opportunity to show up for our birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Imagine how sad they will feel if we don’t celebrate. Life, wherever you are living it, is meant to be savored.

One day when you arrive in the afterlife, you’ll realize that you accomplished a lot! You will be welcomed home with a party! Sometimes they have a parade. Not because you were famous or filthy rich. But because you mostly did your best! Acts of compassion for yourself and others will be highly celebrated accomplishments.

We are all perfectly loved and that is worth celebrating.

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