Don’t call it a psychic gallery! says John Edward

On renowned Medium John Edward’s website the other day, I read something interesting he mentioned about the term “Psychic Gallery.”  John points out that the term was actually copied from him, but it’s being used incorrectly.

Psychic Gallery is often used to label large group readings.  You know the ones…A psychic or medium holds an event with dozens of people in the audience. At random, the psychic or medium gives brief readings; usually about 10-15 people get a quick reading.

So why are we calling these galleries? Because we screwed up.

John Edward coined the term while producing his television program, Cross Country. John says he was actually referring to the gallery of faces in the audience and the spirits who came through out of love for them. He never meant to refer to the event itself as a psychic gallery. Now it seems like the term has become stuck in the popular culture.

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