Develop Your Intuition

Everyone knows there are five senses:  sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing.  The sixth sense is a competitive edge.  People who tap into the sixth sense, intuition, seem to live more fulfilling lives.  

My granddad, a man of the cloth, often said, “We live so far below our privileges.”  You are an unlimited spiritual being with the potential to tap into your own inner guidance.

Intuition is the spark of illumination bridging the gap between faith and trust.  Faith is praying to be shown the answers.  Trust is knowing the answers are within.

If you would like to develop your intuition, I recommend reading books, attending seminars, meditating, journaling and doing lots of practice exercises.  When you select teachers, choose those who have many years of experience and who come from a heart space of compassion and joy.

If you feel guided to work with me, I am honored.  I offer private intuition mentoring sessions.   We can meet by phone or at my office in Carefree, near Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.

In your first intuition mentoring session, I will ensure you have a solid foundation in grounding and protecting your energy.  Following sessions will be customized for your life path, goals and level of development. We will do practice exercises, guided visualizations, breath work and more. My students come from all walks of life.

Ask about a complimentary 10-minute phone appointment to learn more.  Email: [email protected] Tel # 480.203.2336

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