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Students Are Delighted!

I have felt such a huge raise in my vibration since I started your class.  I so love this class, in every way, and I am deeply grateful to you for sharing your many talents and great wisdom with us all.


Not only are you an awesome dynamo instructor, you make it super fun and I am extremely enjoying the whole experience as well as learning a lot of new fun things that I can apply and use in my daily life that are already benefiting me so profoundly and so quickly.  I feel like a giant radio tower. A zillion thanks to you for transforming my life in every good way.” 

-Kimberly Day, Hawaii

“It’s hard to believe, that less than a year ago, I was basically an atheist having denounced my spirituality during a dark night. With your guidance, teachings, and through the community of your classes, it helped me to not only get back to the light but also to discover new ways of relating to Spirit, as well as, new abilities. I never in my wildest imaginings would have seen myself doing mediumship work. But after taking your class, it’s obvious to me what direction Spirit is leading me. That’s why Spirit led me to you. I am going to miss our weekly gatherings. As I’ve commented to a couple of other students… I feel like we’re a little family. I am forever grateful for your tutelage, your messages, and your support.”

-Susan R., Arizona

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Intuition Development

Hear more from Susanne about Intuition Mentoring (I1 Course) in this short video.


Course Title:

Beginning Intuition Development Mentoring (I1)

I1 Overview

Perfect for beginners. This is an excellent foundation for everything! Meet all your spirit guides who are working with you now; learn ways to connect-direct with your own beloved people and pets who are living in Heaven; learn ways to tap into your intuition to make choices for your highest good.
5 sessions (90 minutes long)
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A Note

Susanne wishes everyone would begin with the I1 Course. This course builds a solid foundation for anything you wish to achieve. You will realize your natural God-given gifts and learn to use them for manifesting a more Carefree Life.
This course was recently expanded from 4 weeks to 5 weeks duration (90 minutes long).

I1 Objectives

  • Building your power centers
  • Understanding and sensing auras
  • “The clairs” – clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance
  • Identifying and dialoging with your master spirit guide
  • Identifying and dialoging with subject matter expert guides to get the help that you need now
  • Methods for making your own direct connection with spirit loved ones
  • Guided meditations
  • A class hypnosis session for visiting other planes of existence and removing intuition blocks; Susanne is a college-trained and certified hypnotherapist
  • Enjoy email access to Susanne regarding course-related questions.
  • BONUS: Susanne will give each student a brief (approx. 10-minute) message from the Spirit World, during a regular scheduled course session.

No problem. You will receive the session recording each week. There are no make-up meetings for missed sessions.

This policy is necessary to ensure we can keep the class size limited, to honor Susanne’s high standards for mentoring. However, if you need to drop the course due to an emergency situation, please contact our office immediately. If you will communicate with us, we will happily arrange for you to retake the same course, later on when you’re ready, at absolutely no additional fee.
Because these mentoring courses are popular and limited to only 6 students, they fill quickly.

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