Monthly Chat with Spirit Guides

Thursday, April 23rd

5:30 pm Pacific & Arizona / 8:30 pm Eastern

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In the first half, Susanne and the Guides will share helpful, hopeful, and healing info and tips for your spiritual journey.

This month’s topic is Manifesting in the Quantum Field: not just to discuss it, but to do it during this session.

We will then have a 5-minute comfort break.

In the 2nd half of CWSG– Susanne will answer as many life-issue questions as time permits.  You may also ask general afterlife questions that could benefit anyone.

Remember: spirit guides won’t exactly make decisions for you, but they are great at providing clarity, so that you can decide with greater inner peace.

Everyone in the same physical room can attend on 1 registration. Gather family, friends, pets, and get the popcorn ready for a fascinating and fun evening!

Come as you are — You will not be seen on the screen.

Susanne has been featured as a Spirit Guides Expert at International Conferences, a recurring guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and on Amazon Prime, Gaia TV, and Good Morning LaLaLand.

“Guides won’t exactly make decisions for you, but they are experts who give more clarity, so that you can make choices with greater inner peace.”

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