I support our Armed Services and Law Enforcement

Every few weeks for a decade now, I give a free individual reading to a person who has a loved one in spirit who was either killed in action or died by suicide on the job. The wait time is about 3-4 months. There must be a financial need, and contacting the service member must be the only reason for the reading. To wait list for this program, please email [email protected]

Lotus Fund Scholarships

I support scholarships for attendees of my own courses and events

The lotus flower blooms in mud. Are you going through a bit of “mud” in your life?

A limited number of scholarships for seats in my own events are made available when possible. This could mean a scholarship for a discount, all the way up to a no-charge seat if available. There must be a financial need. (Readings and regressions are not included.) To wait list for this program, please email [email protected]

I support Helping Parents Heal (HPH),

I helped Elizabeth Boisson with the founding of her bereaved parents support group nine years ago, which is now known as HPH. For several years, few mediums were volunteering. The mediums who volunteered to help the parents back in 2010 were Jamie Clark, Tina Powers, and me. I was the organization’s first volunteer medium, back when there were only 50 members of HPH. I took Elizabeth to Heather Hunter’s Casa Mariposa in Cave Creek, AZ, where the group began meeting.

Today, there are over 12,000 HPH members worldwide. I have volunteered my time and given over 500 free or discounted readings to bereaved parents. By now, so have dozens of others.

In late 2018, I awakened one morning with a big idea. (Watch out for my big ideas!) This one resulted in a fundraiser for the Helping Parents Heal Conference Scholarship Fund. These funds help bereaved parents who need financial support in order to attend the HPH Conference. We started in January 2019 and, as of March 17th, we raised $13,000.


Please Realize:
I am the breadwinner paying all the bills for my family.
One reading wears me out nearly as much as a full day of “normal” work.
Every bill that you can imagine, I have to pay, plus my own health insurance, too. Like many small business people, I have no employee benefits.
I am not a wealthy woman.
My husband has only social security and zero retirement funds. I also support my disabled mom.
Please don’t expect free or cheap readings from me (or from anyone.)
God doesn’t write paychecks. Thanks!