Can You Make Love With Your Partner In Spirit?

How to Make Love with Your Partner in Spirit with Dr. Jamie Turndorf AKA Dr. Love and Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium.

This is a podcast from LOVE NEVER DIES Radio, Dr. Jamie Turndorf’s megahit show!

Tune-in and get the low-down on how you can get-down with your partner in spirit.

Yes, your loved one in spirit wants to love you, as much as you want to love him or her.

Your loved ones in spirit are here to love you in every way.

It’s your job to learn how to let them in and resume your relationship.

As Susanne says, “You must give yourself permission to experience a new kind of relationship with your loved ones in spirit. Release your fears; you are safe. It is your loving thoughts, good intentions, and gratitude that give you the best grounding and protection of all. By saying a brief grounding and protection prayer, you are setting the intention to stay within the power of love, which is the highest vibration in the universe.”

Join Dr. Love for a wonderful conversation with Susanne Wilson, one of today’s top mediums.


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