Can mediumship be learned?

header-fade2While having dinner with friends, the topic of mediumship development came up.  Someone asked if I thought mediumship can be taught or must one be born into mediumship.

Let’s first be clear what I mean by mediumship.  Mediumship is the art of raising your vibration to enable your consciousness to temporarily leave the body & connect with spirit.

I feel that everyone has mediumship potential by virtue of being at essence a spiritual being.  You are a soul who inhabits a body at present.  In my experience as a teacher, your ability for mediumship depends upon the following main factors:

  •  Your life path  (What are you here to experience in this life?)
  •  Your beliefs (What mental constructs do you hold that empower you?  Or inhibit you?)
  •  Your beliefs (What mental constructs do you hold that empower you?  Or inhibit you?)

When it comes to intuitive development & mediumship, all of your studies will have a cumulative effect.  Every book you read or seminar you attend is an opportunity for a valuable takeaway.

Sometimes it will feel you are learning quickly.  Other times it can be months, even years between growth spurts.

Connecting-With-Spirit-Ad-Final-02.13.20121Many years ago, when I was a mediumship development student, I attended a seminar with James Van Praaghin Miami.

It was the first time I brought through a loved one for a total stranger. As students we were paired up with partners whom we had never met previously.

I could feel myself floating just outside my body & connecting with spirit while doing a practice reading with this total stranger.  Amazingly to me, I brought through the man’s father including personality, appearance, how he passed & his big belly laugh.  I was thrilled & overwhelmed. Even so, it took another six years before I felt called to professional mediumship.

Trust that your abilities will develop perfectly in the time & manner meant for you. 

Whether you feel called to mediumship or whether it is simply an interest, please remember to use your discernment when choosing resources.  Options include books, audio courses, seminars & development circles.  If it feels healthy, positive and based on love & compassion, then give it a try.

Go forth & develop in confidence!

Susanne Wilson is a spiritual medium, psychic consultant & teacher near Phoenix, Arizona.  
Susanne Wilson & Jamie Clark are offering a mediumship development seminar, Connecting With Spirit, on May 19th at The Boulders Resort Conference Center in Scottsdale, AZ.
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