Can a spiritual medium heal your grief?

blue-sky-sedona-200x200Getting a reading with a competent spiritual medium can provide evidence that your loved one is alive and well in the afterlife but it cannot heal grief.  In fact, there is no 1 thing or person capable of healing grief.  Each modality is like a spoke in a wheel of healing.

Trust that you will journey through grief in your own way and time.  Rely upon your inner voice to select grief coping modalities that are right for you — the ones that feel healthy, honest and non judgmental.  Support groups, therapists, self-help books and journaling can help if they resonate with you.

Grief is an inevitable part of the human experience in this classroom we call life.  It is painful and raw.  It is human.  Part of our grief is that we miss who we were with that person.  So it may feel like a part of us has died.

Sedona-April-2011-300x253I want you to know in your heart that your loved ones in the afterlife are still communicating with you.  But now they are speaking the love language of heaven.

The love language of heaven is a special language comprised of signs and symbols and emotions.  You don’t need a spiritual medium to receive it and understand it.

You may feel a sudden breeze — just as you’re thinking of your loved one. Or the special song that you shared plays on the radio at the exact perfect moment.  Emotion overtakes you.  You feel their presence.

Perhaps the lights in the room flicker or the TV changes channels for no apparent reason, but oddly enough it happened when you were thinking about your departed loved one.

So, dear ones, please keep your eyes, ears and heart space open to receive your heavenly hello.

Trust that you will journey through grief in your own way and time.rose3_small1

Trust that there is a divine plan.

Trust that someday we will all be together again in that heavenly country where there is no sickness, no tragedy, no death….Only LOVE.

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