Book Review: Women Food and God

My gal pal and I were having coffee and decadent pastries at Paradise Bakery in Scottsdale when she (ironically) mentioned this book, Women Food and God.It’s about women and our oft twisted relationship with food.

I know a little about that. First off, I am a woman. Secondly, I have continually lost-gained-lost 15 pounds for nearly twice as many years.

Naturally I was curious about this book. I ran over to Costco to buy it and have a slice of pizza and a Coke.

Diet tip: Walking all over Costco burns enough calories to justify 1 slice of their pizza.

I located the book and tossed it into my shopping cart.

This book was, in fact, instantly helpful. You could even say it went to work on my food addiction immediately. Brownies, chips, dip and licorice (my 4 food groups) at Costco were WAY too embarrassed to be seen in the same shopping cart with it.

Diet tip: Junk food has feelings, too. Remember this.

This meant I had nothing to eat in my car on the drive home which gave me a headache.

Nonetheless I endorse this book for its thoughtful exploration between our beliefs about ourselves, spirituality, and how we use (and abuse) food.

“Women Food and God” by Geneen Roth is insightful, fat free and zero calories. If my story sounds familiar to you, or if you are interested in spirituality and food, then read this book. It’s a loaded baked potato for the soul of a woman.

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