Tools for Achieving a Balanced Lifestyle

Think about this…There is a fine line between livinglife and surviving life.  Which one are YOU doing? Arizona Psychic Mediums Jamie Clark and Susanne Wilson offer a few guidelines for following Life’s Ladder towards achieving a balanced lifestyle: Do Meditation There are definitely some days when chaos seems to follow wherever we go. Wouldn’t you agree? A little peace and quiet certainly can benefit … Read more

Got Skepticism?

My name is Susanne. I am a medium. I am a skeptic. People often ask me for advice on how to handle those who are skeptical about the paranormal. When I first respond by stating that I am a skeptic, sometimes the reaction is similar to WTF? Listen, I encourage open-minded skepticism because it’s healthy. I am an … Read more

Guest Blogger: Dr. Sandi “The Labyrinth of Grief”

Following a meeting with a group of bereaved parents at an area retreat center, I felt called to spend some time reconnecting with nature. Toward the back of the property, I discovered a labyrinth of stones. At first glance, a labyrinth looks like a maze with its series of concentric circles yet it is quite … Read more

Can a spiritual medium heal your grief?

Getting a reading with a competent spiritual medium can provide evidence that your loved one is alive and well in the afterlife but it cannot heal grief.  In fact, there is no 1 thing or person capable of healing grief.  Each modality is like a spoke in a wheel of healing. Trust that you will journey through grief in … Read more

Where is Heaven?

When we “die” in the physical world, our consciousness wakes up in the spirit world, heaven. Where is heaven? Is heaven another universe? Although I’m fond of the term universe because it implies oneness, perhaps a more apt term would be multiverse. After all, we live in a multi-dimensional world according to quantum physics. Yet our traditional 5 … Read more

3 Holiday Wishes From the Afterlife

Friends in the Afterlife asked me to share some holiday wishes. Wish #1:  Lots of Presence   (Please notice the spelling) Being present in the moment is a gift — To your loved ones & yourself.  Put all your worries, job, chores & conflicts aside. Visit, phone or Skype.  Really listen from a heart space of acceptance.  When they speak, don’t think about … Read more

2012: Shift Happens

2012 is not the end of the world.  But I feel a shift happening in how we experience the world. Shifts take a lot of our energy.  We need to stay strong & tend to our health from the inside out…Yet we get so busy managing life’s details & taking care of others that we neglect ourselves. Remember:  In case … Read more

Can mediumship be learned?

While having dinner with friends, the topic of mediumship development came up.  Someone asked if I thought mediumship can be taught or must one be born into mediumship. Let’s first be clear what I mean by mediumship.  Mediumship is the art of raising your vibration to enable your consciousness to temporarily leave the body & connect with spirit. … Read more

Living Your Truth?

Each of us has a gift or purpose, our truth.  When we are in the zone doing our best work, we feel good about ourselves.  But when we are under achieving, something doesn’t feel right. Erma Bombeck said, “When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not … Read more

Living in the Afterlife

Most world religions believe in “life after life.”  But they don’t attempt to describe what it’s like.  Many deceased people, (spirits), have come through for their loved ones in readings saying they are doing great and very busy!  They tell of meaningful work and exciting recreation in the Afterlife.  Most importantly, they continue to feel part of the lives of … Read more