Much as I love to play piano, I am not musically gifted.  You wouldn’t exactly complain hearing me play Gershwin or Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire.  But you wouldn’t request another song…I play piano for me. What do you enjoy as a battery recharging activity?  What do you need to do that is just for … Read more

Buddha’s Advice on Negative People

One day Buddha was walking through a village. An angry and rude man approached him and began hurling insults. “You have no right to be teaching others,” he shouted.  “You are as stupid as everyone else. You are nothing but a fake.” Buddha simply smiled. So the man raged even louder…Yet the only reaction he could get from the … Read more

From the one who committed suicide

Based on bringing through persons who committed suicide Life is eternal.  I’m still very much alive.  I killed my body.  Only my body. My soul thrives on the Other-Side, heaven. Honor the love we had by forgiving me.  Honor the love we had by forgiving YOURSELF. You are not responsible for my actions.  Erase the … Read more

Message for School Teachers

Human beings touch many lives, often without realizing how deeply.  I want to share a message that came through last week for a school teacher.  This message applies to all who teach others. I was doing a phone psychic mediumship reading for a woman who lives 1,500 miles away from me.  As usual I didn’t know anything … Read more

My Beliefs

I believe in transition not death. When it is time, we transition, leaving our physical bodies behind to rejoin the spiritual world on the Other-Side. I believe that our Spiritual Self is our true self. I believe communication with discarnate beings, meaning those who have transitioned and no longer have their physical bodies, is natural and blessed by … Read more

Guest Blogger, MARK IRELAND

Mark Ireland answers the question: Why do some people “demonize” spiritual mediums? Many folks who are outwardly religious are biblically illiterate and just repeat what they have been instructed to believe by others. Fundamentalists read scripture literally because it is like a safety blanket that makes them feel like they are anchored to something with … Read more

Why peace of mind eludes the faithful

Many who have faith seem to have no peace of mind.  They worry themselves sick.  They refuse to take risks for fear of loss, all the while saying they have strong faith.  Yes, that was me.  Until I learned the missing piece…A person of faith can’t find peace of mind unless that person also has trust. … Read more

Tools for Achieving a Balanced Lifestyle

Think about this…There is a fine line between livinglife and surviving life.  Which one are YOU doing? Arizona Psychic Mediums Jamie Clark and Susanne Wilson offer a few guidelines for following Life’s Ladder towards achieving a balanced lifestyle: Do Meditation There are definitely some days when chaos seems to follow wherever we go. Wouldn’t you agree? A little peace and quiet certainly can benefit … Read more

Got Skepticism?

My name is Susanne. I am a medium. I am a skeptic. People often ask me for advice on how to handle those who are skeptical about the paranormal. When I first respond by stating that I am a skeptic, sometimes the reaction is similar to WTF? Listen, I encourage open-minded skepticism because it’s healthy. I am an … Read more

Guest Blogger: Dr. Sandi “The Labyrinth of Grief”

Following a meeting with a group of bereaved parents at an area retreat center, I felt called to spend some time reconnecting with nature. Toward the back of the property, I discovered a labyrinth of stones. At first glance, a labyrinth looks like a maze with its series of concentric circles yet it is quite … Read more

Can a spiritual medium heal your grief?

Getting a reading with a competent spiritual medium can provide evidence that your loved one is alive and well in the afterlife but it cannot heal grief.  In fact, there is no 1 thing or person capable of healing grief.  Each modality is like a spoke in a wheel of healing. Trust that you will journey through grief in … Read more