Very “Spirited” June 5th Phoenix Event

Flashback to October 2009 in Cape Coral, Florida. I have just finished presenting my workshop, “Your Healthy Aura.” It’s post event cleanup time. My friend/healer/business partner, Pam Maciejewski, and I are collecting folding chairs. Pam abruptly turns to me and in her characteristic, deadpan, out-of-the-blue, intuitive style announces: “Susanne, you’ll be working in a very special place … Read more

“Love Lives Forever” Small Group Reading

Experience a powerful connection with the Spirit World in an intimate setting of about 10 participants in Cave Creek, Arizona, north of Scottsdale – Phoenix.  Everyone receives a reading — assuming everyone is receptive to any message that comes through. The small group size allows Susanne to provide brief, focused attention to each participant. This is an informal, unscripted … Read more

Gulf of Mexico Prayer

God, we come to you today with heavy and humbled hearts. We ask that your healing, comforting and strengthening presence be with all those affected by this unfolding tragedy: For workers injured, missing and presumed dead from the explosion on the rig and for their families and friends, Lord in your mercy, hear our prayers … Read more

Easy Way to Cleanse Your Aura

Negative thoughts, words, emotions and illness…All of these can weaken your aura. Positive thoughts, words and activities carry energies that strengthen the aura.  The aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. Every living person, animal and plant has an aura. A strong aura enhances your physical, emotional and spiritual health. A weak aura does the … Read more

Book Review: Women Food and God

My gal pal and I were having coffee and decadent pastries at Paradise Bakery in Scottsdale when she (ironically) mentioned this book, Women Food and God.It’s about women and our oft twisted relationship with food. I know a little about that. First off, I am a woman. Secondly, I have continually lost-gained-lost 15 pounds for nearly … Read more

Winning the Psychic Attack (Part 1)

Though I’ve communicated with spirit my whole life, it wasn’t until I started working professionally as a Spiritual Medium that I learned about psychic attacks. I experienced it myself and I’ve learned about it from my clients. Psychic attacks are real. They happen. Some can be prevented. Others are part of our learning lessons. With knowledge … Read more

Your Mind is Live Theater

You can co-create your world with your thoughts. Your mind is your most powerful tool for creating your reality. Scientists have used brain scans to show that the same areas of the brain light up, regardless of whether the person is actually looking at a specific person or object, or the person is simply thinking … Read more

You Are Spiritual

Be spiritual in so far as you trust in the Spirit, at all times, in all places, under all conditions. In order to do this you do not have to seclude yourself from the world. To do so is an open confession of your own weakness and lack. There are moments when it is best … Read more