Betrayal is Their Story Not Yours

What can we learn from betrayal, especially from an enlightened friend? I once heard the wonderful Iyanla Van Zant say, paraphrasing here, that spiritual people are the first to turn downright nasty to other spiritual people. If you are reacting with “Oh, yeah,” then I empathize with you! It is rare thankfully. But some of … Read more

Psychic Professor’s Show with Dr. Susan Barnes

Susanne Wilson was a guest on Dr. Susan Barnes’ show, Psychic Professor on the Voices of Spirit Radio. Psychic Professor is a program that will answer any questions about spiritual communication, including personal questions through readings and spirit artistry. The show will feature guests, mediums, artists, and authors on a wide variety of spiritual topics, … Read more

Baseball Spirit

I recently held one of my small group readings at my office. At one point I was “seeing” SF Giants baseball team, so I mentioned it. One person in the group spoke up and said, “That’s for me.” She then received other personal messages, ones that really only seemed to apply to her. But it … Read more

Solar Eclipse, So What

The eclipse is a beautiful and natural event in space. But could this eclipse mean anything to you personally? Spirit guides say YES! This is a time of great possibilities, but because you have free will, you must choose whether to take advantage of the opportunity. Many spirit guides are saying that the next 72 hours … Read more

Rock and Roll Heaven

Recently I had the honor of connecting a young man in spirit with his family here on Earth. Garrett is one of the best drummers ever on Earth and in Heaven. He also plays wicked guitar and awesome piano. In spirit form now, Garrett is still a son, brother, friend, and heartthrob to female fans … Read more