Where is Consciousness?

Hi Susanne, I really enjoyed Chat with Spirit Guides last night. You really got me to thinking about what I believe when you asked “Where is our consciousness?” That’s a great question, and I wanted to follow up. Last night I typed into the webinar’s chat box “Our consciousness is everywhere.” But there is much … Read more

Earth as Summer Camp for Souls

We on Earth are like children who are away at summer camp. We are having adventures and mishaps. Sometimes we become homesick. However, there’s still more to experience. Although life here is not easy, it is a huge blessing to be here and to live, fully. Susanne J. Wilson, The Carefree Medium, is an intuition … Read more

From Disconnected to Being in Your Heart

Are you feeling disconnected? The irony of being connected more online, during the great pandemic, is that many are feeling terribly disconnected from humanity. Nothing that happens online can truly replace the feeling of a  comforting pat on the shoulder. How long has it been since you shared a hug? The best way I know … Read more

Listening is Serving

“Really listen. Most people truly want you to hear them not repair them.” Hi My Friend, At one time or another, Everyone yearns to be seen; to be heard; to feel understood. If someone is in pain, and if all you can do is to listen without interjection, that can be enough… More than enough! … Read more

In Appreciation of Health

I’ve been out for seven days with pneumonia. What a gift of appreciation this has been! I’ve studied the flowers of the Arizona lantana that grace the backyard. I have breathed in the relief of a negative test for Covid 19. I have enjoyed falling asleep on the patio while the warm sunshine and December-cool … Read more

When Pets in Heaven Speak

For anyone who’s grieved the death of a beloved pet, please be assured your relationship is never over.

Here are some thoughts that pets on the “otherside of life” have shared with me, often and consistently, through my endeavors as a spiritual medium.

Was the Pandemic A Divine Plan?

I pray that you and your tribe or extended family are well, and that you are doing your best to keep yourselves and others around you safe. Oy! It is a tragic, blessed, and unique era on Earth. However, it is highly likely that my soul and your soul chose, to be here, right now. To be clear: … Read more

You’re Worthy of Investing in YOU!

I was so moved by this message to invest in yourself that I dearly wanted to share it with you! The following guest blog was originally a Facebook post. Author Sunny Dawn Johnston gave me her permission to share it. Enjoy! Susanne Wilson     Hey SOULFEST Friends, Just wanted to share a quick thought… … Read more