Spirit Guides Radio

A Visual of the Afterlife What actually happens to us when we die? Does a loved one always greet us to take us to the other side? Where do we go next? What does it mean to become “Earthbound”? Do we have a life review? Do we become all knowing? How do we know what … Read more

The Flipside with Joshua Tongol

Ready to contact those in spirit? In this episode of The Flipside Podcast, I chat with Susanne Wilson. She’s a scientifically authenticated medium & spiritual teacher in Carefree, Arizona. Born gifted, Susanne hid in the “psychic closet” while working as a corporate executive and university director, until a near death experience changed her mind about … Read more

Nicole de Haas on Physical Mediumship

There are many mental mediums nowadays who are only a shadow of the mental mediumship level and quality of pioneers in the past. They work in light, on platform like I do as well on occasions. Does that mean, that because we can see it, it is real? I sometimes see mediumship of a very poor quality that I doubt more than a genuine and good physical séance in the dark.

Strength Building for Intuition

Practice Counts! Everyone knows that physical exercise helps keep our bodies healthy and strong.  Even small changes can make a positive difference. For example you might walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.  Our intuitive “muscles”need regular workouts too! Here are a few thoughts on fun practice exercise for intuitive strength building. Remember, … Read more

Eileen Garrett on Mediumship Ethics

Recently, I came across an essay on mediumship ethics written by Eileen Garrett, a world renowned, highly respected medium of the mid-twentieth century. Here is an essay excerpt. The “inquirer” means the sitter, or person receiving the reading. “The medium will do well to withdraw herself from the ideas thrown out by the inquirer; she … Read more

Teaching Platform Mediumship

  Susanne generally feels the area in the audience where the Spirit World is “pulling” her. This is called “Direction” in evidential mediumship. Susanne typically gives the audience 2, 3, or 4 pieces of evidence from a soul who is connecting at the start, rather than giving out only a name, or only a cause … Read more

What Did You Do to Attract It?

When a friend confides that he has been harmed in some way, please never ask, “What did you do to attract this to yourself?“ The Carefree Medium calls “B.S.” on telling the person who was harmed that they “attracted” it. This is a gross oversimplification  of the Law of Attraction. Not everything that happens is 100% “attracted” … Read more