I recently held one of my small group readings at my office. At one point I was “seeing” SF Giants baseball team, so I mentioned it. One person in the group spoke up and said, “That’s for me.” She then received other personal messages, ones that really only seemed to apply to her. But it had started with the Giants, which also happens to be my favorite team.

A couple of days later, another person from the group reading emailed me. She was concerned because in her words, she felt that she “should have spoken up.” She had a close relative-in-spirit who was an avid SF Giants fan, but instead of speaking up she sat back and waited.

So, what happened and what should we do?

During a group reading, it’s magical when the spirit person realizes you’re acknowledging his or her messages! That spirit person, and those-in-spirit whose job it is to help them communicate, get excited. The energy level seems to rise and communication flows.

Here are a few suggestions for attending group readings.

1. Immediately speak up or raise your hand in a group when a message seems to apply to you. Then wait a bit to hear more details.

2. The reading happens in the moment, meaning the medium can’t second guess it afterwards and neither should you.

3. Simply by attending a group session or even by reading an afterlife book, you signal the spirit world that you are ready for a dream visit or sign from your loved one. Try to be patient.

4. And finally, do pay attention to all the messages everyone receives in a group. You may find a golden gem that touches your heart!

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