Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication is coming back in May better than ever with a Second Edition.

The original book Soul Smart was only on the market for 8 months. In that short time, it resonated with people more than I ever imagined. The book quickly garnered 60 Amazon reviews with an average rating over 4.5 (out of 5.0) but I am not bragging! I am observing that more and more people are eager to connect with their spiritual teams. This bodes well for humankind to raise our consciousness!

The foreword for the Second Edition was graciously written by Victor & Wendy Zammit. The Second Edition of Soul Smart is expanded and also includes my meditation Love Lives Forever: Connect with Your Beloved in Spirit. That meditation hadn’t been written when the first edition was published.

And guess what? With all the love and encouragement from people like you, I’m busily writing my next book now.

Here’s what happened with the original, first edition of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication.

The publisher Christine Favara Anderson CFA Publishing only sent me 1 check that bounced and was never made good. I never received a dime of money for this book that I wrote, and I have the bounced check to prove it.  That publishing company seems to have been closed. I was referred to Christine Favara Anderson CFA Publishing by Roberta Grimes. Even though that company, CFA, appears to have been closed, there is very clear evidence that Christine Favara Anderson now has a second publishing company that bears a different company name.

And when I visited that company’s website, I noticed that nowhere does it say who owns the company. On the advice of my legal counsel, that is all I can say, which is simply the above facts.

You may be wondering why I didn’t intuitively know that I was about to be ripped off. Simply put, I trusted Roberta Grimes. I didn’t take the time to listen to my own spiritual team nor did I research the publisher. One internet search would have told me all I needed to know. 

After news broke that my book was in limbo, I received nearly 200 emails from others who had never been paid a dime by their publishers from around the world. Something had to be done to turn back the tide. I asked my friends at AREI for help in educating new authors about the publishing world. AREI is the Afterlife Research and Education Institute, and I highly recommend you join if you haven’t already.

With my AREI friends, we made a video with experts speaking about how to self publish your book safely. Although most AREI videos are available to members only, I have permission to share this one with you! This video, and the healing it brings, is the gift from the debacle I endured.

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4 thoughts on “Authors Beware”

  1. Sorry to hear you got ripped off. Christine has a lifetime of defrauding people. She did it to several people here in LA aside from what she went to prison for. She has had several police reports filed on her for fraud, stealing identities, etc. She often changes her last name to further hide. I recommend you turn her in to her parole officer as what she is doing is in violation of her parole. She did in fact change her company name and she has a history of doing that as well in order to hide what she does. If you need any help whatsoever in any of this, let me know. I am happy to help. She stole 5,000 from me and another 5,000 from another person here in LA. Even though we filed police reports on her, she was already in prison and nothing happened to her. But now she is on parole and you can make a difference by sending her back to prison where she belongs. Please send me an email. I do not want my name out here on your blog, so I am putting anonymous for the name. I am contacting the parole board now to complain about her. She has to be stopped.

    • I would gladly share my account of being defrauded and my bounced check with her parole officer. She has defrauded 30 authors. I emailed you. Roberta Grimes defends her because she believes Christine Favara Anderson is going to introduce Roberta Crimes to President Trump, and he will donate millions of dollars to Roberta’s charity to stop racism discrimination. Roberta has packed her bags to be picked up by the Trump jet multiple times over 16 months, only to have a last-minute “cancelation” by Christine. Meanwhile Christine has tried to borrow money from other authors because she is “broke and dying of cancer”, a story she has used to gain trust with her victims for over a decade according to official reports and internet posts from people from California to Virginia. And Christine Favara Anderson promised Roberta Grimes that either Donald Trump or Morgan Freeman would write the foreword to one of Roberta’s books; needless to say, that never happened, but it has kept Roberta by her side as Christine perpetrated more fraudulent acts so Christine can live on her victim’s money.

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