Are you living in a haunted house?

Pets can sometimes be barometers of paranormal activities. You might want to pay attention to their behavior. Your dog, cat, or bird may alert you that something unseen (and perhaps paranormal) is happening.

As a Spiritual Medium, I have visitors from the Other-Side. Sometimes a spirit will come visit me prior to their loved one’s scheduled reading, just to say: “Hello, I’m excited about the opportunity to communicate.”
My dogs often give me an advance alert. Schnauzers Snoozer and Cotten will track something unseen – something that seems to float 3 or more feet above the floor.
Snoozer will also sit nicely, give a little bark, and motion with his muzzle as if saying, “Look!” Although these canine paranormal investigators may not have technology on their side, they certainly have skills.
Are you living in a haunted house? As a Spiritual Medium, I have some advice.
If you think there may be paranormal activity happening, please try to find rational explanations first. For example, check your plumbing, forced air system, ice maker, clocks, and dishwasher for malfunctions or funny noises. Rule out the possibility of ambient noise from the neighbors. Rule out the possibility that someone’s playing a joke on you, or that medications are playing tricks on the mind.
Remember, paranormal activities are events truly “above the norm.” Examples are unexplainable sounds, smells, voices, objects moving, or having a strong feeling of being watched (maybe even physically touched) by an unseen presence.
After you have conducted your own investigation of your home, if your events are still unexplained, I recommend having a professional practitioner conduct a Space Clearing and Home Blessing.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid. Though it’s human nature to fear the unknown, remember that the most often used phrase in the Holy Bible is “Do not fear.”

I suspect that at least 95% of houses thought to be haunted are not haunted at all. Contrary to those scary “documentary” shows on television — few spirits are truly evil. Usually they aren’t trying to be scary. It is our reaction to them that makes them seem evil or scary. Have confidence, protect yourself with prayer, and investigate carefully.

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