Are you a late bloomer?

Are you a late bloomer?Are you a late bloomer? Me too! Many people discover their calling, their passion after age 40.

Whenever we express the gifts within our souls, we bring a little bit of heaven to earth. It is not too late to start.
How are you using your own unique gifts? Spirit will provide opportunities.

Sometimes life’s path feels like a series of detours but that is growth.

Everyone has something uniquely beautiful to offer the world.

Whether you are a musician, artist, healer, parent, partner, or a good listener…Move forward in life with trust in your abilities and opportunities. Trust in the messages you receive from your loved ones in spirit. Trust the power of your soul.

My late bloomer path has its roots in a chaotic childhood. I did not fit in at school.  I was a distracted, anxious child who literally hid in the back of the classroom overwhelmed seeing auras and spirit lights around teachers and my fellow students. It didn’t help that my homelife was unpredictable.

My childhood happened well before there were any TV shows or books about psychic kids. Remember the island of misfit toys in the Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer movie? I watched that movie every year growing up and identifying with the misfits.  In the movie, the misfits all find loving homes.

At one point in my childhood, I was sent to the family doctor for stomach problems and anxiety. The doctor treated me for an ulcer, then started seeing me for counseling sessions. Ultimately the doctor pronounced me psychologically fit but he remarked that it was unusual for such a young child to carry the “weight of the world” on her shoulders.

I was helped by my grandfather who understood the metaphysical realm. He had a PhD in metaphysics and he was way ahead of his time.   I treasure the memories of the long talks and days spent fishing at the lake with my grandfather.  When I was 15 years old, my world was devastated when my grandfather, who was my safe harbor, passed away suddenly. I am grateful that he “visited” me immediately after he passed, a cherished memory.

I spent years studying spirituality, developing my intuition and mediumship. I sat in gallery readings, praying for a message from my grandfather to come through another medium. Yet I was already receiving lots of signs and dream visits from my grandfather.

I understand why some people have challenges trusting the signs they receive directly from spirit. I had those feelings myself in the past. Today my life is devoted to helping others develop their intuition, trust their signs from loved ones, and listen to their own inner guidance. I didn’t start working as a professional medium until after a near death experience. Maybe you have had a similar wake up call.

Don’t worry about being a late bloomer. You still have time to express the gifts within your soul. And when you share your own unique gifts, you bring a little bit of heaven to earth.

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