“Six hundred dollars a month?!” the woman gasped, explaining that she had no health insurance. “But why is the prescription so expensive?”

The doctor replied, “It’s because you have an antibiotic-resistant infection,” meaning she needed a special type of antibiotic: an expensive one.

“But what will happen if I don’t take the medicine?” she asked. As I was sitting in the next room, waiting for the doctor to see me in the Urgent-Care Center, I could hear every word of the conversation. My heart broke. I held my breath as the doctor inhaled a big breath before answering the distraught woman.

“If you don’t take the medication, you could end up needing I.V. treatment. Or you might die from systemic infection if it spreads.”

Immediately I began praying. I asked for warrior angels of light to help. I heard the woman groan.

The doctor said he would “check on something” then I heard his footsteps in the hallway; but he walked right into the room I was sitting in. He was headed towards the Urgent-Care Center’s administration office.

I took a big breath in and out. Then prayed louder. In my mind. We need angels here, Dear Creator. Please!

A moment later, the doctor returned with unexpected news. “I put in a call to the company that makes the drug. It looks like they will give you the antibiotic for free,” he said.

It was quiet for just a beat. “Thank you, doctor,” the woman choked back a sob. “I am going to be okay. You really are an angel.”

If you have the opportunity to be someone’s “angel” on Earth, take it. As the saying goes, we are all just walking each other home!

Susanne Wilson is a medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What the Dead Teach About Spirit Communication.
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