A Southern Gentleman

I have been traveling in the U.S. deep South not far from my own roots. I am now in a picturesque small town in mid-Tennessee. In this Southern town, neighbors are friends. People sit outside on summer evenings and say  “hello!” and “evenin’!'” to those who stroll by.

I am enjoying taking walks at dusk.

While taking a leisurely walk early yesterday evening, I came across an empty lot with high grass and a massive maple tree. I noticed a well-dressed young man, wearing a 1940s style suit and hat, standing in profile under the tree.  The young man seemed to be looking into the woods.

He was not a living person.

In my life, this type of encounter happens often.

Without so much as a blink, I sent the man a telepathic inquiry, “Hello! Are you a living spirit or a place memory?”

In response, the man instantly removed his hat, as he turned towards me. We held eye contact for three or four seconds. Then slowly, he bowed his head as though he wanted to acknowledge me. I nodded in reply.

I felt the familiar “quickening” of my soul that happens in the presence of a living spirit. Then I felt his adoration for his hometown as though it were mine. He seemed grateful to be acknowledged by a kindred soul.

Just then, a car barreling by on the street caught my attention. I looked away for only a second, but the man, a Southern gentleman and a living spirit, had disappeared.

Susanne Wilson is a scientifically authenticated medium and intuition expert who teaches courses online to students worldwide. Based in Carefree, Arizona, Susanne is known as the Carefree Medium.

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