A Bridge Will Form Beneath Your Feet, or You Will Learn to Fly

Have you ever dreamed about someone and you just knew you had to contact them? This recently happened to me. The dream led me to contact someone 2,300 miles away who reminded me of a profound life lesson. I believe this will help you today.

Beyond faith. Beyond belief. There is trust.
Most people believe in God. Most have faith that prayers will be heard and answered in some way. But trust is much stronger than belief and faith.

Living a life grounded in trust transforms you into a living prayer. Trust is a deeper realization of God.
My teacher of the trust concept was Alan Arcieri, a Spiritual Medium who provided a leadership example for how to work within God’s white light. Alan was my friend and mentor back when I lived in Florida. I am among thousands of people he taught through his readings, teachings, and his book.

Alan crossed over to the Other-Side about a year ago. Fortunately, not long before that, he published his book, Earth School 101.

I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area now. Recently I touched base with a friend in Florida named Maria. She owns and manages a healing place and retail store, Many Blessings, in Cape Coral, Florida.

Normally I only contact Maria to order her sage blend. But I’d had a lucid dream in which I saw her face and was urged to reach out to her. I’m glad I did reach out to her.  She reminded me that “Alan always said I must TRUST.”  I remembered something Alan used to say about a bridge forming beneath your feet when you trust.  So I retrieved his book from my office and thumbed through to the chapter on TRUST.

Alan Arcieri wrote:

“Trust is a giant step beyond faith and belief; it is a deep realization of God. With trust there is no conscious separation from God. Trust cannot be shaken by doubt and fear. Trust is working with an unseen force we KNOW is always with us and we KNOW will answer our prayers. We trust the all-knowing and all-powerful spirit of the Creator is working with us and through us.”

His metaphor is stunningly eloquent:
“Trust is walking up to the edge of a cliff and stepping off knowing that one of two things will happen: A bridge will form beneath our feet, or we will learn to fly. Trust is not walking to the cliff and looking up to the heavens and asking God to SHOW us the bridge. Trust is stepping off the cliff KNOWING a bridge will appear.”

Rereading the chapter, I kept thinking about the influence that trust (or lack of trust) has on our lives.  When we base our thoughts and our actions within the trust framework, our lives become a living prayer. Without trust, we become lost, lonely and leery of opportunities.

Trust helps us slide away from our comfort zones. Trust enables our recognition of life’s opportunities, our ability to spot synchronicities and recognize them as signposts in our lives.  Trust emboldens us to seize opportunities with less fear.

I’ve heard that the most used phrase in the Christian Bible is “Do not fear.”  Fear is the absence of trust.

When we trust, life no longer passes us by. We live by design not default.  As Alan wrote and believed:

“Once we step off a cliff in trust and learn how to fly, it will be easier and faster when we come to the next cliff because we learned the true meaning of trust. Unfortunately, most people are afraid to trust. Only when we have the courage to move out of our comfort zones are we able to grow.”

Do not fear.  Trust.  As another friend of mine, author Mark Ireland says:

“Recognize synchronistic events for what they are, not dismissing them as coincidences. They point the way, when we recognize them for what they are.”

Trust God.  Trust yourself.  Not just in faith – but trusting and knowing that a bridge will form beneath your feet, or you will learn to fly.  Healing Summit

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