Was the Pandemic A Divine Plan?

I pray that you and your tribe or extended family are well, and that you are doing your best to keep yourselves and others around you safe.

Oy! It is a tragic, blessed, and unique era on Earth. However, it is highly likely that my soul and your soul chose, to be here, right now.

To be clear:

My spiritual team says that a pandemic was NOT planned by our souls, nor was a pandemic planned by God/guides/spirit/ETs.

Our souls chose to be here at a critical time to raise the consciousness of humankind on Earth. The opportunity to become a better humankind has never been greater than it is now.

External events are seldom really outside of us. Large scale events reflect what’s going on collectively with humanity.

The illusion that “we’re all separate” has been destroyed. Now we can create.

Your being here, now, is to serve the expansion of your soul, and of the souls in your tribe, and ultimately, serving humankind.

Why not use any temporarily free time you have as a gift? Maybe you will write, paint, sing, nap, dance, read, exercise, cuddle, volunteer from home, deliver meals, give to charity, call an elderly person who doesn’t text, clear out and organize drawers and closets, study a new language, adopt an abandoned pet. I also suggest that you watch this video, my panel of 5 thought leaders: “We Are One: Hope & Inner Peace Now” — watch free here.

Susanne J. Wilson, MPA, is an intuition & mediumship educator, author & metaphysical researcher.

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