You’re Worthy of Investing in YOU!

I was so moved by this message to invest in yourself that I dearly wanted to share it with you! The following guest blog was originally a Facebook post. Author Sunny Dawn Johnston gave me her permission to share it.

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Hey SOULFEST Friends,

Just wanted to share a quick thought… I had a client of mine that was sharing how much she LOVED the Soulfest, but didn’t get to see everyone’s interview [when this online event was free of charge].

She saw that it was now available for $197 and LOVED that it was available, but said that she had all these things that her money would be better spent on.

Those words right there, took me back. Some of you may know that I have had my fair share of money struggles in the past as I share all of my life very openly in my workshops, books, and classes.

As a teenage single mom on food stamps and welfare, living in a shack in California, I know what it is like to struggle to have enough food to eat. So, I totally get it. And, in that situation, of course, we are going to pick food.

And, here’s the thing:

IF there had been something like SOULFEST 30 years ago, that could have planted some new seeds into my fear-based mind, heart, spirit and body.. I Would NOT have stayed and lived in that unhealthy toxic environment for the three years that I did with my newborn son. Now, in my situation, I was physically in an unhealthy environment, but maybe for you…it is just the past, and you are still living there in your own mind? I know I did that for YEARS!

In my life, a few years later, the circumstances had changed. I got myself healthier, moved to another state and met and married an amazing man. BUT I was still STUCK in the pain, emotions, beliefs, and thoughts of that teenage mom.

Thank God and the Angels that I came across Louise Hay’s work. I read and read and read and listened to her tapes over and over and over again. It changed my life and brought me to this place that we are today.

One baby step after another… TONS of reinforcement of the positive… to help me finally believe I was worth something and I could DO ANYTHING I wanted.

My point in sharing this is (as I said to my client):

Yes, there is always something else that we might feel our money would be better spent on.

What I know to be true from my life experience is this:

If I had learned earlier in my life that I was WORTHY of investing in, that I truly deserved health and joy and well-being, then I would have done everything I could have done to make choices that supported ME, and, I would have had a completely different life experience.


Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for EVERY SINGLE EXPERIENCE in this life… It brought me to this place Today, with YOU! ? YAY!

However, that doesn’t mean that if I had awareness and choice and opportunity and understanding, that I wouldn’t choose differently today.

I would CHOOSE ME to invest in… which would have helped me to thrive instead of just survive… which I did for a number of years… Just got by surviving the pain and internal struggle. It wasn’t until I did start to CHOOSE me, instead of everything and everyone else, that I began to THRIVE!

I know that THAT one CHOICE changed my life and it can change your life, too.

So, when choosing if you want to continue the journey with Soulfest, please be sure to consider how valuable YOU are and how worthy you are of this time, energy and attention towards YOU! Don’t just let it be a money decision; let it be an energy decision. Where is your energy best served? You deserve it friend!

And, if you are in a place where it is a choice that you truly can’t make right now, then know that you have tapped into the energy and support system here as well as free resources that are now available to you, that weren’t before.

With intention and desire, and all that you have already been reminded of, that you have set in motion expansion, growth and change. With the tools you have already learned you will begin to create more and more opportunities for choice in your life.

You are ENOUGH and YOU are WORTHY!

So much Love & Light to you and in case you haven’t heard it today, I LOVE the very special YOU!

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