70-75%, Plus Something “Unknowable”

Some afterlife researchers have estimated that research mediums (those who have submitted themselves to double blind & triple blind studies as I have) are, on average–meaning over a long arc of time–only about 70-75% accurate.

Of course, a medium may have the occasional session that is more accurate, or less so. Every so often, a reading is a “no go.” Researchers and even the mediums do not exactly know why that happens.

If, as a sitter, you had a reading, and you felt like you could place about 70% of the information, then that is good. And, if you felt that there were also a couple of details provided that were very private (even if those weren’t the particular details you “expected”) then that is VERY good. A sitter should not expect 100% accuracy, which again, experts say is rare.

But why is there usually 20-25% of information that the sitter can’t place?

There can be a few reasons. First, the medium can miss or misinterpret details that could have brought the whole picture together. Or, there is the “right church, wrong pew” effect; meaning that the information applied to a loved one other than whom the sitter is focused upon. For example, the medium is hearing from Aunt X but the sitter is thinking of Grandma Y, and thus the sitter is saying “I can’t place it.”

This month, like every month, according to my sitters, I have had very private details come through that nobody could know. But there was also SOME information that could not be placed by the sitter.

One client’s spirit father figure told me to call her “Poopy,” which seemed like an unexpected nickname, indeed. But it was correct. In fact, my client had not thought in decades about her adoring father figure’s childhood nickname for her. After all, it had been their inside joke from long ago. And, we were not focused on nicknames in that moment. Nor did my client ask for it, because I do not allow the client to dictate demands to spirit nor to me. The nickname simply popped in, which made my sitter chuckle.

Another client had a spirit relative showing me the TV show, “Shark Tank” and giving me a thumbs up, lots of excitement, and happiness. It turns out that their relatives were recently filmed for the TV show “Shark Tank” where they made a potentially very profitable deal. They may well become multi-millionaires. But it is all confidential for now, as the show had not aired yet. And thus, it is another “unknowable” fact. Again, this detail simply popped in during the reading, seemingly off topic, much to the delight of my sitter.

The less I know about the sitter going into the session, the more that the unknowable details seem to come in. I will only have my sitter’s first name and the meeting link prior to the reading.

And yes, I have experienced some 80-99% accuracy days, but those results are not the norm.

Susanne Wilson is a scientifically authenticated medium and intuition expert who teaches courses online to students worldwide. Based in Carefree, Arizona, Susanne is known as the Carefree Medium.


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