What Did You Do to Attract It?

When a friend confides that he has been harmed in some way, please never ask, “What did you do to attract this to yourself?

The Carefree Medium calls “B.S.” on telling the person who was harmed that they “attracted” it. This is a gross oversimplification  of the Law of Attraction.

Not everything that happens is 100% “attracted” by the person to whom it happens. Of course, if you walk into the middle of a busy street, you may be hit by a car, and logically speaking, that would be a cause and effect. However, our Earthly lives are generally much more complicated than that.

The genesis of the event that hurt you may not be found within your current life. And believe it or not, not everything is about you.

In fact, we may not comprehend the reasons for our suffering until after we have returned to Heavenly Home at our natural time.

But we can learn and grow and become stronger, here and now.

Whenever we are harmed mentally, physically, or emotionally, the offending event is often part of an intricate web involving more than one soul and lifetime. Be assured: I am not going down the rabbit hole of past lives, karma, and interconnection right now. That is not my purpose today. I want to help you heal yourself from hurt.

When something very unpleasant happens to you, the rightful, healing question is, “What can my soul use from this experience?

You may be able to help yourself and others, whenever you realize that you can answer that question, but it may take some time and effort.

Here is a method that has helped me and my students to self heal after being hurt by others. I think you will enjoy using this tool…It is quite simply: contemplation.

Here is how I suggest that you contemplate. Set aside 5 minutes per day, for at least 3 weeks, to sit quietly with the question: “What can my soul use from this experience?

You may have your eyes open or closed. If your eyes are open, look at something beautiful such as a flower, tree, crystal, art object, or your pet. Relax and let go. Allow helpful, hopeful, and healing thoughts/images/words to enter your mind.

Be sure to write a few notes afterwards–even if the notes seem trivial now–because later, your post-contemplation notes may uncover a golden gem.

I used this contemplation method myself, again, recently. I had experienced a devastating betrayal by a friend, followed by a major disappointment from another. After several weeks–and when the peak of my anger had passed–I began having visions during contemplation.

I saw myself as a child being taught how to view the world. In these visions, I was with my father figure in some scenes, and with my Sunday School teacher in others. They said it was important to see the good in everyone. So I did. Frankly, even now, I first sense the potential good in anyone I meet. I see the potential negative only if I make a point to see it (and I had not been doing that for years).

My personal discernment of who might hurt me had been poor indeed. Regrettably, the sheep and the wolves had all looked the same to me. And now, I know better and my personal discernment has grown in leaps and bounds!

How has your soul grown through past hurts? I hope my suggestion helps you!

Susanne Wilson is a scientifically authenticated medium, author and spiritual teacher based in Carefree, AZ, and known as the Carefree Medium. Learn more at CarefreeMedium.com.

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