Walking with My Dog in Heaven: Guest Post by Susan Lynch

The following beautiful article was written by Susan Lynch. Susan is a member of Susanne’s student group, Carefree Souls. 


“He was just a dog. Your son passed away: what is the comparison?”

My son’s name was–and still is–Kevin, and he passed away unexpectedly at the age of 25.

My dog’s name was–and still is–Tripp, and he crossed over in January this year, at age 6, from a kidney issue.

My dog Tripp was the one who got me through the fire of grief from my son’s passing. And when I was able to stand on my own again, Tripp went “Home.”

To compare Kevin and Tripp is to say they are the two best teachers I’ve ever had.

In fact, during my recent meditation, my dog Tripp made me aware that he continues to teach me, just as my son Kevin still does.


June 2, 2018 Meditation:

I expanded my aura and was in many universes at once, but I chose one universe to step into. I stepped out of a bubble-like lining and into a beautiful garden with lots of fruit trees with figs and dates.

After eating some of the fruit, I walked along until I came across a swimming pool. I dove in and swam to the other side, and when I got out, there was a tiger awaiting me. The tiger told me to hop onto his back, and I did. I rode on the tiger’s back, up a mountain, all the way to the top.

When we got to the mountaintop, the tiger brought me to a very small tree about 1 foot high. He told me to lie  down, so that we could wrap ourselves around the sapling to keep it warm. I was closest to the sapling and he was wrapped around me. I wanted to go, because I was getting cold but he said “No.”

We stayed there for a long time until it started to rain, and then he said, “We can go now.” I got on his back and we were instantly down the mountain and now in a sunny, beautiful meadow. The tiger began rolling on his back to express how happy he was. “Wasn’t that fun?” he asked.  “No, that wasn’t really fun,” I replied.

The tiger stayed on his back in the grass, clearly wanting me to rub his belly. He seemed SO happy that we were together.

Suddenly I had an insight. “Are you Tripp?”  

He excitedly replied, “YES!”

We played happily together for a bit longer, until finally, he waved and said, “Until next time!”

I shed tears of joy and felt immense gratitude, as this was the first time I had heard from my dog Tripp since he passed.

Tripp had given me his message in a way that I would understand. He used metaphors–about life and grief and love–that were meaningful to me:

  • fig trees
  • diving in a pool
  • going to the top of a mountain to nurture a tree
  • not leaving it until it rains
  • playing in a meadow

Best of all, at the end I realized beyond any doubt, that I had visited with my beloved dog, Tripp. What FUN!

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  1. I loved it. You pet can be that incredible learning tool that helps you learn to steady yourself in the rockiest of times. Beautiful… Thank you for sharing.

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