There is no place on Earth like Arthur Findlay College (AFC). It is true that you can find good courses in many cities worldwide including places closer to home. However, the positive, spiritually charged energies of the AFC buildings and grounds are incomparable. In fact, some of my most memorable paranormal experiences ever, happened at AFC this month.


Many of the world’s greatest mediums have demonstrated at AFC including one of the most gifted, Gordon Higginson. Not only was he the college’s beloved principal from 1979 to 1993, Gordon demonstrated and excelled in every aspect of mediumship: mental mediumship, trance, physical mediumship, and healing mediumship.


In fact, the apparition I saw may well have been Gordon. Yes, I said apparition! It was so well formed, unlike the quick glimpses I receive normally as a medium, that at first I mistook the apparition for a living man.


This astonishing experience happened in the Arthur Findlay library where I sat with about 50 students to observe a trance demonstration. The wonderfully gifted instructor Eileen Davies had just come back into full consciousness from her trance demonstration, the most touching and amazing deep trance speaking I have witnessed. Eileen Davies had been entranced for one full hour. During that time, her physical body had been taken over by three powerful, compassionate teacher entities, one by one, each of whom hailed from “the other side of life” as one entity wryly referred to heaven. The presence of those three visiting spirits was palpable. Eileen’s face even changed shape and color. We learned that this is known as foreshadowing.


As Eileen was sipping water, a man in a suit appeared, from the front row, or so I thought. He was standing stage right facing the audience. He walked swiftly past the rows of seats while looking straight ahead. He was so fully formed, I initially thought he was a living person. He was certainly solid, his reflection was cast on the tall windows he passed by. I watched him at first because I was offended by his rudeness to leave before the session fully ended. What happened next will stay with me for the rest of my life.


Instead of turning left to walk past the back row of chairs and then exit through the library’s door, the man simply disappeared. I said, he disappeared!  There was no place he could have gone, unless he walked through a solid wall filled from floor to ceiling with books. He simply vanished.


Regrettably, we were not allowed to speak during the session except to ask a question at the appropriate time. Otherwise I would have called out to everyone: “Hey, I just saw an apparition.” I had to wait until after the session was proclaimed to be ended.


Later, I asked around and learned that both the great Gordon Higginson and Arthur Findlay, who donated the buildings and land to the college, are often seen in the library. No one seemed to have witnessed the apparition except for me. Or perhaps they did see the man in the suit, but like me, they thought he was a living man. Perhaps they missed the moment when he vanished. I know what I saw and I am honored to have seen it.


In another other-worldly experience at AFC, Camber, my AFC roommate and I simultaneously witnessed an apparition as it took physical form at our request. It was as though an invisible hand were drawing its face for us with luminous blue-white chalk. “I see an eye…There’s another eye…Thank you for communicating with us!” We felt cherished and protected by the spirits and the angels in our tiny, spartan dorm room as the snow fell softly against the windowpane.


There really is no place like Arthur Findlay School of Psychical Sciences in the picturesque English countryside of Stansted.

Susanne Wilson The Carefree Medium is a scientifically validated evidential medium and author based in Carefree, Arizona.

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