3 Holiday Wishes from Your Guardian Angel

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re having a quiet cup of tea.

Joining you now: your guardian angel. Your angel has 3 holidays wishes for you.

Your angel’s wish for you, #1: Lots of presence   (Please notice the spelling)

Being present in the moment is a gift to your loved ones and to yourself.  Put all your worries, job, chores, and conflicts aside. Talk to your loved ones and listen, from a heart space of acceptance.  When they speak, don’t think about what you are going to say next. Let your heart inspire your words.

Your angel’s wish for you, #2:  Celebrate holidays, even if you’re grieving

It’s okay to have a moment or two of joy, even if you are grieving. When you embrace your life, your loved ones in the Afterlife are proud of you. They will celebrate with you.  They sense your emotions, and it is your moments of joy that raise your vibration higher, making it easier for you to sense their presence.  The holidays are here now; there will be time to grieve later. You don’t have to decorate the house and throw a big party, but do take one or two simple steps to acknowledge the holiday.

Your angel’s wish for you, # 3:  Write yourself a love letter

You’ve probably heard the advice: “Speak kindly to yourself.”  However, your guardian angel says: “Let’s go a step further: write yourself a love letter. I will help you!”

  • First, make a list of all that you have learned from mistakes that you have made. Do that, and you can’t help but realize that you have done a lot of living and growing. People who make a habit of avoiding conflict are spiritually stunted; they are more like robots than humans. Expect to be hurt during your life. One of the reasons that Earth is filled with conflict is to allow us to learn about ourselves and to grow spiritually.
  • Second, make a list of your next steps forward: “I’ve experienced “x” to help me prepare for “y.” Remember that everyone on Earth experiences betrayal, grief, and pain. It is how we navigate and what we do afterwards that matter to our souls.
  • Finally, write down three to five things you did (or didn’t do) that you are proud of doing (or not doing).  Celebrate that list!

Just one more note from your angel:
“No one is loved more than you.”

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, is an intuition & mediumship teacher, author, keynote presenter, and C-suite adviser based in Carefree, Arizona.

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