3 Holiday Wishes From the Afterlife

December-3-2011-200x200Friends in the Afterlife asked me to share some holiday wishes.

Wish #1:  Lots of Presence   (Please notice the spelling)

Being present in the moment is a gift — To your loved ones & yourself.  Put all your worries, job, chores & conflicts aside.

Visit, phone or Skype.  Really listen from a heart space of acceptance.  When they speak, don’t think about what you are going to say next. Let your heart inspire your words.

Wish # 2:  Celebrate Holidays Even if Grieving

Go to that holiday party.  Decorate the house.  Tell those funny old stories.

When you embrace life, your loved ones in the Afterlife celebrate with you.  They sense your emotions when they visit you.  Your joy raises the vibration, making it easier for you to sensetheir presence.  The holidays are here; there will be time to grieve later.

Wish # 3:  Gratitude

Almost everyone feels poorer since the great recession.  Spirit reminds you that you are blessed, no matter what, because you are a child of God.  Use all your natural talents to brighten your little corner of the world.  Help someone else in any way that you can.  Give until it feels good, not until it hurts.  Be grateful for the abundance that is coming to you.

You are a child of God.  You are never alone.  Love lives forever!

Susanne Wilson is a spiritual medium, psychic consultant & teacher. 
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