Angels Among Us

“Six hundred dollars a month?!” the woman gasped, explaining that she had no health insurance. “But why is the prescription so expensive?” The doctor replied, “It’s because you have an antibiotic-resistant infection,” meaning she needed a special type of antibiotic: an expensive one. “But what will happen if I don’t take the medicine?” she asked. … Read more

“Dead” Isn’t a Four-Letter Word

Our loved ones in spirit already perfectly know our hearts, and thus there is no need to ever mince words. Recently, my new book Soul Smart has received some criticism from a few readers who take offense at my use of the words “dead” and “death” throughout the book. The vast majority of readers say … Read more

Millennial Mediumship: Camber Wilson’s Journey from Secret Childhood to Life as a Leading Millennial Medium

As a spiritual teacher, I’ve had the pleasure of mentoring hundreds of people to develop their intuitive abilities and mediumship. The vast majority of my students use this knowledge to improve their lives and to grow spiritually; they never intend to become professional mediums and that’s just fine. I teach students from all around the world … Read more