What is a Spiritual Medium?

Spiritual Mediums align their intentions with their work. They work within the White Light for the greater good of their clients. All Mediums are psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums. I’ll explain the difference. Psychics are born with a higher level of intuition than most other people. At some point in their lives, they … Read more

How to Choose a Medium or Psychic

I am a Spiritual Medium who works strictly within the protective and healing Divine White Light of the Creator.  If you have decided to consult a professional Medium or Psychic, I highly recommend you do your homework first. Check their websites and, if possible, talk to other clients. Use your own discernment and listen to … Read more

Give presence this Christmas

My holiday wish for you is PRESENCE. Notice the spelling of that word. Give yourself and your loved ones the gift of being present in the moment. You don’t have to physically be there if that’s not possible. But “be there” mentally and emotionally. Make the time to put your worries, job, chores and conflicts aside. … Read more

Are you living in a haunted house?

Pets can sometimes be barometers of paranormal activities. You might want to pay attention to their behavior. Your dog, cat, or bird may alert you that something unseen (and perhaps paranormal) is happening. As a Spiritual Medium, I have visitors from the Other-Side. Sometimes a spirit will come visit me prior to their loved one’s scheduled reading, just … Read more

Marley & The Rainbow Bridge (Part 1)

Marley is our dog who lives on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. On the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, our loved ones in spirit (people and animals) await our arrival. Yes, heaven is our true home, but we’re only homesick because because we miss them! My husband and I very much miss Marley, this loving … Read more

Getting in Touch with Spirit Guides

As a Spiritual Medium, I know first-hand that Spirit Guides exist. They are here to bring us peace, protection and inspiration. The word “inspiration” is made from the words “IN” and “SPIRIT.”  When we feel inspired, it seems spontaneous, like a bolt of energy from out of nowhere. You may wake up simply knowing what to do. … Read more

Near Death Experience of a Medium

I am Medium Susanne Wilson. As a child, I knew I was different. I tuned in to energies around people, animals and plants. I saw colorful auras clearly and watched them changing around people. I felt the emotions and physical ailments of others.  I grew up knowing often what would happen ahead of time. I was … Read more

If I Touched Your Life (Spiritual Medium’s Prayer)

If I touched your life by some measure large or small, Then I thank the Lord, I have trust that God is All. If I touched your life with healing words sent from above, Then I thank the Lord, We are all one with God’s Love. When your grief was soothed as I told you Spirit’s words, Your soul touched my heart, … Read more

Is it time to put your pet to sleep? (Lucy’s Signs)

I can’t think of a more emotionally-charged question for people who love pets. This subject is so emotional, I promise to keep this blog brief. If you are reading this, I believe it’s because you are meant to know the story of Lucy’s signs. Our friends euthanized their dog, Lucy, the other day. Their experience … Read more