2012: Shift Happens

headshot_v4-14-200x2002012 is not the end of the world.  But I feel a shift happening in how we experience the world.

Shifts take a lot of our energy.  We need to stay strong & tend to our health from the inside out…Yet we get so busy managing life’s details & taking care of others that we neglect ourselves.

Remember:  In case of turbulence, please puton YOUR oxygen mask first, before you help someone else.  Take care of you!

In honor of the new year 2012 — I am sharing my strategies for health from the inside out, along with some personal confessions:

STRATEGY #1 – Figure out why I don’t like you — So I can work on me.

When I find myself not liking somebody, I put effort into figuring out why.  Are they mirroring something I don’t like (or don’t understand) about myself?  After practicing this a few times, it has become easier to figure out what I need to work on.  You will feel much better when you release “dislike.”

STRATEGY #2 –  Be a Warrior.  Not a worrier.

Many people who profess to have strong faith worry themselves sick — literally.  Be a Warrior, not a worrier…Warriors look for opportunity piggybacked with challenge.  Warriors are savvy that we stand to learn the most (about ourselves) by how we handle those who impede or anger us.

Confession:  Being a warrior does not come naturally for me.  Sure, I like to say that I’m all about peace and harmony.  The truth is that I also avoid conflict much too often.  I have realized that, on a soul level we invite the experience of conflict so that we can grow.  Please join me in taking up the mantle of Warrior…DO NOT FEAR.

rose3_small1STRATEGY #3 – Pare down the media diet.

I quit watching my soap opera — cold turkey — about 3 months ago.  I have watched this soap since high school, nearly every episode of every day.  The decision to quit freed up more time to write my book & be with my family.

Confession:  I had a relapse over the holidays – At the gym, I caught 30 minutes of ”my show” while on the elliptical machine.  I learned that Victor & Nikki (lead characters) are still in a twisted love/hate relationship.   Secondary characters who have been frenemies were shocked by the epiphany that they are actually blood relatives but didn’t know it (right?)  Juicy story lines aside, I am still not going to watch everyday — I have other priorities, so my soap will be an occasional treat.

Another healthy move:  Limit your news consumption to only 20 minutes per day.  News junkies are angry people for good reason.

Purge your DVR of serial killer shows feeding you negativity.  Find something that makes youlaugh instead of cringe.

See friends in person more often.  Much more fulfilling than only having friends via social media. If all your interactions are on the computer, you are not fully living the human experience.  Lunch date with a friend is my oasis.

STRATEGY #4 – Eat simple & keep moving.

I am eating more of the freshest food with the fewest ingredients.  Drinking water, water & more water.  (Though I will never stop being a wine afficionado; yet this is in moderation.)  I rarely eat nuked frozen meals which are usually loaded with salt, preservatives and additives which shall remain nameless here.

Keep moving is a great mantra for inspiring health.  Talk about lazy…I used to circle parking lots until a spot close to the entrance opened up.  Now I park & walk the distance.

Taking breaks at work & going for a walk (outside if weather permits) is good for everybody.  Stretch.  Move.  Breathe.


STRATEGY #5 – Say “I love you” daily to family & friends.

Saying “I love you” every time you connect leaves no room for doubt.  And saying it out loud lifts up everybody concerned.  Most importantly — If you always say it, then you willknow you said it.  As a spiritual medium, I cannot stress this enough.  We never know when we might be physically separated from those we love.

Love gives us the amazing ability to increase its power, exponentially, whenever we feel it & say it out loud.

Cheers & Happy New Year!

 Susanne Wilson is a spiritual medium, psychic consultant & teacher near Phoenix, Arizona.


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