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“Dead” Isn’t a Four-Letter Word

Our loved ones in spirit already perfectly know our hearts, and thus there is no need to ever mince words.

Recently, my new book Soul Smart has received some criticism from a few readers who take offense at my use of the words “dead” and “death” throughout the book.

The vast majority of readers say they enjoyed the book and in fact, they had great results using its methods to connect. But there are detractors because of the use of the words “dead” and “death”. One woman referred to me saying that I “surely must be a vile person”. Another counted how many times the word “dead” was used in my book, as though penalties were about to be assessed. I empathize with all my heart. Those who are deeply grieving will indeed likely have difficulty using the word “dead” and I deeply respect the word choices of the individuals. I’m all about compassion! I have, by now, worked with a thousand or more grieving people. Often volunteering, I have given freely of my time and resources to the grieving, even when I had little for myself.

Frankly, I would have used the softer “loved ones in spirit” more often were it strictly up to me.

But my spiritual team of guides, angels, and loved ones insisted that I not shy away from the words “dead” and “death.” I asked why. Here goes! The more we can bring ourselves to say “dead” and “death”, the more we bear witness that death is nothing to be fearful or ashamed about. We can continue to live in the presence of our loved ones, not as scary ghosts but as our beloved family members who no longer have their physical bodies.

There actually is death; that is the reality. However, only the physicality of a person dies. Fortunately, as it turns out, the body is the least important part of us after we are returned to Heavenly home!

Words have power because of the emotions that our words carry. And we can choose the emotion with the words we say. The spirit world asserts that the more we fear and refuse to speak of death, the less we can accomplish on Earth. Fear and shame limit the progress of our souls’ growth.

My spiritual team insisted that I do my part, however small, to help erradicate our Earthly shame, fear, and dread over death and dying. If we say the words more, my team asserts, fear will morph into peace that surpasses all understanding. The truth is this: only our physical bodies will ever experience death. We exist forever!

This is not to make light of grief, but to bring The Light to heal our grief.

We can BEGIN to heal our dread and shame around death and dying, and now live fully, fearlessly, and joyfully while we are still here on Earth.

Don’t shoot the messenger!

Susanne Wilson is an evidential medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication. Susanne is known as the Carefree Medium. She is based in Carefree, Arizona near Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Suzanne Giesemann: “The One Thing”


Suzanne Giesemann

This is a guest post written by my excellent colleague and dear friend, Suzanne Giesemann.

“I’m disappointed.”  Those were the first words out of my sitter’s mouth at the end of a session I did this morning.  I had just finished channeling her husband’s messages in his own words, answering the two questions she wanted own words, answering the two questions she wanted to know in words that were clearly not my own.  The husband in spirit had done an outstanding job of providing many details about himself along with things that are going on with the family now to show that his death was not the end of his existence.

So why was the sitter disappointed?  In spite of many pieces of accurate evidence that yes, I was indeed communicating with her husband, she had “prayed and prayed to hear ‘the one thing’” that would convince her that her husband was present.

Oh, my.  Deep breath time.  I have to remind myself that most people don’t understand how spirit communication works.  But wait!  Didn’t I have this clearly explained on my website under, “What to Expect in a Reading”?  Here’s an excerpt:

Those in spirit know the kind of evidence I hope to hear from them, including who they are, how they died, what kind of work they did, specific memories, and a long list of other details that will make it clear that they are with us in the room.  The information often comes through in scattered bits, and it can be like piecing together a puzzle.  Please do not let the outcome of the reading depend upon hearing “the one thing” that will convince you that your loved one is present.  It may not be possible for them to get certain details through.  Trust me that they will do their best to let you know they are with you, but expectations about specific things they can get through may be unrealistic and leave you disappointed.  Like a radio station, a medium is able to tune in to certain frequencies better than others.  Those on the other side will get through everything they are able to.  At times information is withheld if it serves a purpose not to share it or if they are not ready to share it. 

I sungave my all for that woman’s reading.  The husband did his part in spades.  My immediate reaction at her disappointment was intense irritation.  “Didn’t you hear all that evidence?  This is not like picking up a telephone!” and then I caught my human side rearing up due to my own disappointment that she would never be satisfied.  I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself that I was dealing with someone who was in great pain.

I sent the sitter my love, and then I sent a text and vented all over my friend, evidential medium Susanne Wilson.  It’s such a gift to have a sounding board who understands this unusual line of work that neither of us ever expected to be doing.  Susanne has been there/done that with sitters who weren’t going to be satisfied unless they heard “the one thing.”

Her reply immediately brought me back to center: “I think there were no instructions you could possibly have given up front that would have led to this person being satisfied.  Even if her husband went along and delivered the exact words she wanted, a week, or a month, or 6 months from now there would be a new “exact words” she needs to hear.  That’s why those in spirit often refuse to play the ‘code words’ game.”

Wow.  Instant “Aha!” moment.  Thank you, Susanne!  I’ve had numerous experiences of those on the other side withholding certain pieces of evidence for a reason.  Could it be, as Susanne added in a later text, that the spirit community does not want to create co-dependency or excessive emotional or psychological reliance on those in spirit?

I had agreed to do this session at no charge only six months after the initial session with this sitter because of the depths of her grief.  I usually ask people to wait at least a year for a repeat reading, if I do a repeat session at all, because so many others are waiting for the experience of connecting with their loved ones who have passed.  The goal of mediumship is to show the continuity of consciousness, and we had clearly done that in the first sitting.  I now see that I had enabled her.

Aabout Manifestation Divine pic butterflyt first I felt sorry for the husband in spirit who tried so hard, only to have his wife left disappointed that I couldn’t get “the one thing.”  Now I realize that he isn’t disappointed at all.  He made his presence known and expressed his love beautifully.  From his higher perspective in the spirit world, he knows that his wife is on her own soul’s journey.  Each of us grieves in our own way, and our challenges often lead to some of our soul’s greatest growth.

If “the one thing” a sitter wants to hear doesn’t come through in a session, is it the medium’s fault, a poor connection, or a deliberate act of love from the other side?  I don’t know.  There are many things I won’t know until I get to the other side.  All I can do is keep working on fine-tuning my antenna and overriding those reactions that come from being a soul in a human being’s suit.

When I recognize my ego flaring up (Ego is the default position in us humans, so it never completely goes away), and I rise above my human disappointment and irritation, what is left?  That’s easy:  compassion.  I feel the greatest compassion for my sitter’s pain, but I know that each of us grows through our trials.  Dealing with sitters’ expectations and not getting knocked off center is clearly a challenge for me to address with that pesky ego, so I will work on that.

I’m so very grateful for each piece of evidence that does come through this “instrument,” whether or not it’s “the one thing.”  It’s the most awesome, humbling feeling to sit with someone grieving the passing of a loved one and have that spirit say or show something through me that I couldn’t possibly know about them.  Those pieces of a puzzle that reveal a loved one’s presence bring healing and comfort beyond measure.  They say, “I’m right here with you.  I haven’t left you at all, and you will see me again.”  Taken all together, the evidence shows us that love never dies.

Wow.  That’s it: “Love never dies.”  That’s the ultimate message of this work as a medium, isn’t it?  So, Susanne and I, and every other medium who isn’t satisfied unless we get verifiable evidence when we serve spirit do, indeed, get “the one thing” every time.

I am so grateful.




Liberating Jesus: Exclusive Story Behind the Book

Liberating Jesus by Roberta Grimes

Liberating Jesus

Attorney and author Roberta Grimes has liberated the teachings of Jesus from religious dogma.

Since this book was published in October 2015, Liberating Jesus has become an international bestseller. This book shows how the gospels line up with what we know about the Afterlife evidence and more.

“The whole medieval notion of a King on a glorious throne who is apparently meant to be Jesus, and having all the nations bowing before Him and separating the sheep from the goats, and the whole concept of God loving some a lot and others not so much: all of that is so inconsistent with the rest of the Gospels, the afterlife evidence, and even the culture in which Jesus lived that it has to have been added later,” said Roberta.

Leslie Flint

Leslie Flint

I am the medium in Liberating Jesus. It is my honor to have been a small part of this.

It began several months ago in a reading with Roberta. Her spirit guide told Roberta that she was charged with a mission. She was asked to write a book that would correct nearly 2,000 years of misinformation about what Jesus wants humanity to accomplish.

Roberta’s spirit guide could not bring this book to fruition while he was incarnate, for many reasons, including the culture at that time. Her spirit guide’s penultimate lifetime was spent as Thomas Jefferson. Yes, that Thomas Jefferson.

Two months after Liberating Jesus was published, Wendy and Victor Zammit sent me audio recordings of seances. These were seances held by the great physical medium, Leslie Flint.  The recordings were of Thomas Jefferson. He spoke clearly through Leslie Flint, who is said to be the greatest direct-voice medium who has ever lived.

Leslie’s physical mediumship was powerful, making Thomas’ voice quite clear. I immediately recognized Leslie Flint’s Thomas as the man whom I have come to know through my mental mediumship.

Same voice. Same Southern drawl and cadence. Same humility and reluctance to focus on himself as an important historical figure. (Thomas prefers to focus on the greater spiritual work.)

As an aside and with his permission, I can tell you that Thomas Jefferson was never sexually involved with Sally Hemings. Because Thomas is a gentleman to a fault, he will not divulge the identity of the man in question.

Who should read Liberating Jesus? Everyone! No church experience or bible knowledge is required. This is for truth seekers.

Jesus teaches that there is no judgment and we are loved more than we can possibly imagine. Read a free sample of the book: Free Sample Chapter, Liberating Jesus