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Susanne is an extraordinary medium, very accurate, detailed, and honest. She has made it possible for me to work so well with my primary guide that now we accomplish so much more. She made my recent book, Liberating Jesus, even possible. I have tested many mediums, including famous ones, and Susanne Wilson is by far and in every way the best! I believe she is the greatest living medium.

– Roberta Grimes, Attorney, Author, & Afterlife Researcher

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Meet Your Guidesiris
This session is the right choice if you want to learn how you can begin connecting with your guides. This is a 1-time session that cannot be taken twice. I will guide you through a meditation to become acquainted with your master spirit guide and guardian angel. You can ask 2-3 life issue questions. You will learn how your guides are working with you now on your life challenges and opportunities.

90 minutes. $375 office. *PHONE SPECIAL, $300*
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Intuition Development & Mediumship Mentoringdaisy1
Awaken and grow your intuitive and mediumship gifts! Watch for details coming soon. Sorry, I am no longer taking new students for individual sessions, but hopefully you will join a group class.
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Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy 

Who are you? Why are you here? daisy3 PLR can help you discover hidden talents and create more healing for yourself and others who are in your life. I am a trained and certified hypnotherapist by an accredited college.

100 minutes. $250. *PHONE SPECIAL $220* 
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Individual Reading: Returning Clients Only.16919_orig
Phone or Skype Audio

You choose the focus. This is a reading for 1 person only. We can do mediumship, life issues, or both. (“Both” is the most popular choice.) Mediumship is messages from guides, angels, and loved ones. Life issues can include your relationships, finances, career, well being, how to help a loved one, etc.  Sorry, no new clients are being scheduled for medium readings.

50 minutes. $400, office. *PHONE SPECIAL, $330* 

Reiki Certification Classes: Classes are on break until this Fall.Reiki
Reiki is a powerful tool for healing and manifestation.
I offer Reiki classes as Master Teacher that are interactive and fun! My lineage is from Mrs. Takata’s wonderful initiated Master Teacher Beth Gray.  I have special attunements to enhance intuition. Plus you will learn from my insights as a clairvoyant who actually sees the energy. The next Reiki classes will be offered Fall 2017.

Top 3 Reasons to Take Reiki Class with Susanne Wilson