Susanne Wilson


Seek Reality Radio show with the one and only Roberta Grimes (2017). Podcast.

We Don’t Die Radio with Sandra Champlain (2017). Podcast

FOX-10 News Phoenix Feature Story – Anchor Kari Lake interviews Elizabeth Boisson, co-founder of Helping Parents Heal, and Susanne Wilson. This story went nationwide after first being aired on the local FOX affiliate.



Beyond Belief with George Noory (2016)Susanne is a guest on George Noory’s TV show, Beyond Belief on Gaiam TV.  George Noory is the popular host of Coast to Coast A.M. radio. Gaiam TV is a subscription channel. Watch Free Preview

How To Use Psychic Predictions About Your Life (2016). Podcast.

Unexpected Death & Suicide: What Happens Next (2016). Podcast.

Guided Meditation for Raising Consciousness (2016). Podcast.

What is Happening With The Shift in Consciousness (2016) Podcast.

Mediumship and Past Life Regression (2016). Susanne Wilson and Roberta Grimes. Podcast.

Spirit Guides and Dead Celebrities (2016). Susanne Wilson and Roberta Grimes. Podcast. 

Awakened Living TV with TJ Woodward (2016). Susanne was a guest on author and inspirational speaker, TJ Woodward’s show in San Francisco. Podcast

We Don’t Die Radio with Sandra Champlain  (2016). Susanne Wilson’s in-depth interview with Sandra Champlain.   Podcast



Roberta Grimes.

Angels and Spirit Guides In Our Lives (2015). Susanne Wilson and  Roberta Grimes. Podcast

Can a Medium Have a Normal Life? (2015). Podcast

Past Life Regression: What You Need to Know (2015). Podcast

What It’s Really Like to Speak With The Dead (2015). Susanne Wilson and Roberta Grimes. Podcast

How Long Should You Wait Before Getting A Reading? (2015). Podcast

Spirit Guides (2015). Podcast

Living Your Best Year Summit:  Intuition! (2014). On this episode, Host Naomi Horne of Rev. Michael Beckwith’s Agape Center interviews Susanne Wilson.   Podcast

Dream Visits with Loved Ones in the Afterlife (2014). Watch this video to learn how to invite dream visits from loved ones in the afterlife. Podcast

New Year’s Resolutions for the Soul (2014). Inspiration to heal your life. Podcast

Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose (2012). Radio show. Podcast

Manifesting Your Dreams (2012). Radio show. Podcast

Insights of Edgar Cayce (2012). Radio show. Podcast

Psychic Minds (Sept 20, 2012). Radio show.


Susanne Wilson

Ann Marie O’Dell Show on Achieve Radio (2012).

CBS Radio with Mark Nelson (2012).

After Death Conversations (2012).  Podcast

CBS Radio with the Logos Center (2011).

Physician of the Soul with Rabbi Shai Specht:  Is there Life After Death? (2011). Podcast 

Love And The Afterlife (2010).

Your Healthy Aura (2009).