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First, I wish to say:  Thank You For The Love! 

FlowerI have heard from hundreds of people. They saw me on TV or heard me on a radio show. They vibed with my message: You are loved and never alone.


I’d like to take a moment and explain why the wait for an appointment is so long. I have good news about how you can sign-up for a future appointment opportunity.

Every week, we receive requests to “fit in one more reading.” But we can’t. The reason we can’t fit in one more is because mediumship, done right, requires tremendous energy on the part of the medium.

My schedule is arranged precisely so that I can give each client 100% effort.
StudentOver scheduling is not in anyone’s best interests. In the past when I have overworked (because I wanted to help someone) I became sick with serious physical, medical conditions. If I get sick, the wait time gets longer, plus my sickness takes a toll on my family and me. And I plan to do this work all my life; it is a marathon, not a sprint.


I am currently working my way through more than 1 year’s worth of clients. As the saying goes: “You cannot fill the cup of another, if your own cup is empty.”  The day will come when we will be making new appointments.

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When appointments are available, we will send an email announcement and contact people on our wait list. Be one of the first to know!


To Help Ensure You Never Miss An Opportunity –Please Follow These Steps

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Thank you for your understanding.

Susanne Wilson,
The Carefree Medium



Thanatopsis: A View of Death by Chris Foote, Guest Blogger

I’m a funeral director in New Zealand working with families once death has occurred; I began the natural funeral company 16 years ago responding to deep urges in myself and with a desire to be alongside people and death in an organic and natural way. I have developed a non-embalming style of body-care and have held families in their grief in the first few days after death.

Here’s what I have learned.

lantern heartI believe the essence of a person cannot be fully felt until someone dies.

We then go into an altered state and realize their value and worth and the meaning of their life for us.

Several things unfold at these times that are worth paying attention to. I believe these provide meaningful insights into our spiritual lives.

Firstly, sadness and tears are a beautiful expression of love when someone we value has left our lives. This sadness can help us articulate our love in the first few days after death and can in turn be expressed as part of saying farewell. If you can catch the whispers of thoughts and feelings you can them formulate exactly what someone means to you.

While it is not necessary to have an elaborate funeral, I believe it is important to mark the ending of someone’s life with some form of farewell. To say thank you for your life, and all you have meant to us, is an important ritual of love and respect.

I believe one of our tasks is to discover what it is we believe happens at death and to allow this process to teach us. Experiencing a death can give us a glimpse through the door as we visit what it means to die.

sun haloIt has been my discovery that most people believe they will see the people they love again and that the ones they love will be together after death. People say this, even when they do not have a view of what may happen when we die.

It is a common belief in a number of cultures that we should allow three days for the processes of dying and separation to take place. It is a very special time when our everyday awareness alters.

It is a time when we can be visited by unusual experiences, synchronistic and symbolic events. It is important not to brush over these when you notice them and not be afraid to express them as many people have similar experiences.

The more comfortable we can be around death the more we can lighten the sense of morbidity.  It is OK to be uplifted and develop a confident presence around death.

hummingbirdGrief is not the easiest emotion to be comfortable with as there are many components to work through, including change, guilt, and loss. People in grief need our attention on relationship; it would be helpful for us to be comfortable with difficult emotions, and to allow others to be themselves – with both their strengths and weaknesses. Our attention is a gift to those experiencing a loss.

I know we can suffer from what to say and how to say it and how to help. But your presence can be the most helpful gift of all. There is no need to cover the feelings of loss or become solution based. Allow the other person to express their experience and tell their story.

Generally, as children and young adults, we have not been taught about the life-death-life cycle of our lives. That not only people die but relationships die, situations change, nature changes.

Chris Foote

What’s the hurry to get over someone anyway??
Carry them beside you in your waking day and sleeping night.
Use all those memories to access the love, the fun, and the times spent together.

You can reach Chris Foote at The Natural Funeral Company in New Zealand. Ph: (09) 361 6080

“Knowing” That A Child Will Have An Early Transition

Prior to the death of a child, some parents have experienced a phenomenon known as claircognizance (clear knowing). This means that one or both parents had a strong feeling that the child would die, even though there was no logical reason present to fear the child’s death.

compassionTo be clear, the experience of claircognizance about a child’s impending death goes far beyond the typical worrying of a parent for the child. Some parents describe the “knowing” as a realization that comes to them “like being struck by lightning” or “punched in the stomach.”

These are seemingly normal parents, most of whom report that they never experienced anything of a psychic nature previously.

Claircognizance about the death of a child may happen to the parent only once, shortly before the child’s unexpected death (and often within 24 hours prior). In other cases, claircognizance of the death of a child occurs several times, over the course of months or years.

compassion-500x333pxRecently, I did a medium reading for a mom whose eight-year-old son had died from a head injury he sustained while at school. The young boy said in the reading, “Mommy, remember I told you that I wouldn’t always be with you.” 

The boy’s mother responded, “That’s right! He was about 4 years old when he said that to me…Also, I had a sick feeling that morning that I could lose my son.” 

This parent, like many, asked me whether she was supposed to prevent her son’s death. Was that the reason she felt that her son was going to die?

Was the boy’s mother supposed to save him? She needed answers from me.

I explained claircognizance and why it happens. The experience of “knowing” is NOT intended to make the parent responsible to prevent the child’s death. The experience of “knowing” is an acknowledgement (on a soul level) that the child’s death is going to occur, and it’s part of a plan. Claircognizance doesn’t come with an exact time, date, or means of the impending death, because there is no prevention possible.

The parent who experienced the “knowing” of the impending death was being prepared (again, on a soul level) for the inevitable death of the child. 

The death of one’s child is the toughest and most raw life experience a human being can have. Yet we are told, in over 200 years of afterlife research, that there are reasons why this suffering is needed (although we won’t fully understand those reasons until after we return to heavenly home). The bottom line seems to be that each soul born on Earth arrives with a plan outlining the broad strokes of his or her life. Grief is a part of the plan, and in its wake, great spiritual growth is possible. Earth is where we come to have experiences that allow us to grow spiritually.

Quick Way Anyone Can Learn To Meditate

“I can’t meditate. My mind is too busy!” said my client. “I’ll bet you meditate for hours every day, Susanne, right?” My client was very surprised to hear my answer…

I only spend 10 minutes a day meditating.

The benefits of meditation include more inner peace, and improvements in mental, emotional, and physical health.Meditate


#1. Set the alarm on your phone to ring in 5 minutes. Sit in a chair with your spine straight (or with your legs folded in half-lotus position).

#2. Close your eyes and breathe normally, making sure you exhale each breath completely. Don’t hold your breath.

Rose3. Focus on 1 beautiful object (like a rose or sunflower), plus 1 beautiful word (like peace or love).

Whenever a thought enters your mind (which happens to me, too) simply observe the thought. Don’t engage the thought, and don’t try to push the thought away. Let the thought float by, like a fluffy cloud.

#5. When your alarm rings, end your meditation with an “I AM” statement. For example, “I AM HEALTHY AND HAPPY,” or “I AM GRATEFUL FOR MY LIFE.”

Start with 5 minutes of meditation each day for one week. Add 1 additional minute per week until you reach 10 minutes. Enjoy!


The Fun Of Hanging Out With Roberta Grimes

Grimes and WilsonWhen a medium and an afterlife researcher hang out together, the dead community is there!

Such was the case when I traveled with Roberta Grimes during a California speaking tour.

Roberta Grimes is the author of several books I recommend including Liberating Jesus, The Fun of Dying, The Fun of Staying In Touch, and coming soon, The Fun of Growing Forever.

Roberta and I were dining in a San Francisco restaurant, enjoying a spectacular view of Alcatraz Island and the San Francisco Bay. Roberta had just given me big news regarding how wonderfully well Liberating Jesus was being received around the world.

I proposed a toast to celebrate “spirit’s success.” Roberta lifted her glass for the toast. And suddenly, Roberta’s spirit guide, Thomas, appeared at our table seated next to Roberta, and Thomas raised his glass too!

Thomas was the spirit guide who advised Roberta that she must write the book about how 200 years of afterlife research aligns with the Gospels.

Although Thomas had a past lifetime as Thomas Jefferson (the former U.S. president), today he is focused only on activity designed to raise the consciousness of humankind.

Thomas himself wrote a book similar to Liberating Jesus (when he was Jefferson). However, his book was not published in Jefferson’s day, and the manuscript has been lost. He told us the world was not ready for the book then, as it is today! Now that is worth raising one’s glass for a toast!

Tj WoodwardWe also visited with author/inspirational speaker, TJ Woodward in San Francisco. TJ is the author of the book, Conscious Being.

Roberta and I each filmed an episode of TJ Woodward’s spirituality program.

You are invited to watch TJ Woodward’s spirituality TV show online now:  Awakened Living.

Liberating Jesus: Exclusive Story Behind the Book

Liberating Jesus by Roberta Grimes

Liberating Jesus

Attorney and author Roberta Grimes has liberated the teachings of Jesus from religious dogma.

Since this book was published in October 2015, Liberating Jesus has become an international bestseller. This book shows how the gospels line up with what we know about the Afterlife evidence and more.

“The whole medieval notion of a King on a glorious throne who is apparently meant to be Jesus, and having all the nations bowing before Him and separating the sheep from the goats, and the whole concept of God loving some a lot and others not so much: all of that is so inconsistent with the rest of the Gospels, the afterlife evidence, and even the culture in which Jesus lived that it has to have been added later,” said Roberta.

Leslie Flint

Leslie Flint

I am the medium in Liberating Jesus. It is my honor to have been a small part of this.

It began several months ago in a reading with Roberta. Her spirit guide told Roberta that she was charged with a mission. She was asked to write a book that would correct nearly 2,000 years of misinformation about what Jesus wants humanity to accomplish.

Roberta’s spirit guide could not bring this book to fruition while he was incarnate, for many reasons, including the culture at that time. Her spirit guide’s penultimate lifetime was spent as Thomas Jefferson. Yes, that Thomas Jefferson.

Two months after Liberating Jesus was published, Wendy and Victor Zammit sent me audio recordings of seances. These were seances held by the great physical medium, Leslie Flint.  The recordings were of Thomas Jefferson. He spoke clearly through Leslie Flint, who is said to be the greatest direct-voice medium who has ever lived.

Leslie’s physical mediumship was powerful, making Thomas’ voice quite clear. I immediately recognized Leslie Flint’s Thomas as the man whom I have come to know through my mental mediumship.

Same voice. Same Southern drawl and cadence. Same humility and reluctance to focus on himself as an important historical figure. (Thomas prefers to focus on the greater spiritual work.)

As an aside and with his permission, I can tell you that Thomas Jefferson was never sexually involved with Sally Hemings. Because Thomas is a gentleman to a fault, he will not divulge the identity of the man in question.

Who should read Liberating Jesus? Everyone! No church experience or bible knowledge is required. This is for truth seekers.

Jesus teaches that there is no judgment and we are loved more than we can possibly imagine. Read a free sample of the book: Free Sample Chapter, Liberating Jesus

The Truth About Phone Readings

I care about mediumship and the people who engage mediums in this work. It’s in the spirit of caring that I offer this advice.

Here is the plain truth about phone readings with mediums.

Many clients believe their reading will be better if they have it in person. They think having the reading face to face will make a big difference.

It does make a difference to have your reading in person instead of by phone.  But it is a negative difference, not a positive one.

Many of those same clients who think a reading in person will be better also make a second error. They bring the medium personal items related to the dead. They believe that objects of the dead (such as pictures, jewelry, cremains, etc) are necessary for the medium to connect. Wrong!

I’m here to tell you why a phone reading is a smarter investment than a reading in person. And why you should not bring the medium personal items related to the dead.

Anytime you get a reading from a medium, you would be well advised to do it by phone. That way you’ll know the medium isn’t taking cues from your facial expressions and your body language. Listen, I don’t even look at my clients while I’m doing their readings.

All I need is your first name and to hear your voice. I don’t need to see you. I don’t need to hold onto your hands. I’m connecting directly with your spiritual team:  Your guides, your angels, and your beloved dead people and pets.

Some people think their reading will be better if they bring items that belonged to the dead person. Such as photos or jewelry. They’ll even bring the dead loved one’s urn with cremains.

Of course I am very respectful of personal items especially ashes. I don’t want them brought to my office and I’ll tell you why.

If you show me the dead person’s pictures, jewelry, or cremains, you are giving me too much information.

Why feed the medium? Not only do the dead person’s items provide leading information to the medium, they can be very distracting to the medium and you.

Now, I do know that there can be special circumstances when a medium needs items belonging to the dead, such as homicide investigation. But please wait until you’re asked to bring something.  Otherwise, you could deter the medium from bringing through information that doesn’t seem to fit with the item  you’ve presented. When in doubt, ask.

Here’s an example that left me speechless.

One time a woman brought a giant stuffed teddy bear to her reading with me.  The teddy bear, at least 4 feet tall, made me feel like I needed to try to connect with a child. In fact, my client sat down and held tightly to the teddy bear as though it were her child. She sobbed into it, rocking back and forth like a broken-hearted mom.

I felt pressured throughout the reading to connect with this woman’s child. The young soul who owned the giant teddy bear.

Throughout the reading, I kept asking spirit (silently in my mind) “Is there a child trying to come through?

In my heart I was terrified, mortified that the client would not hear from her child. (Even though I know I’m not in control of who connects from spirit, grieving parents hurt my heart. I yearn to help them.)

After the reading ended I told my client, “I am so sorry. I tried, but there wasn’t a child showing up today.”  My client looked surprised.

She said there was no dead child.

My client explained that the teddy bear was a gift from her husband, now dead. She thought it would help me connect with him. Well, I certainly did connect with her dead husband and several additional loved ones. But that was in spite of the teddy bear, not because of it.

The client loved her reading. I was incredibly drained. I nursed a headache for the remainder of the day.

I made a mistake.  The misunderstanding would never have happened if the client didn’t bring a leading item to her reading. Or if we had met by phone.

On numerous occasions, clients have brought their dead loved ones’ cremains to my office, thinking the presence of ashes would provide them with a better mediumship reading.

But sitting with their loved ones’ urns made clients so upset they could barely focus on the reading.

They weren’t listening to all the many wonderful validations. The reading was lost on them.

Readings are by nature emotionally charged. And the cremains amped up the grief even higher.

Mediums connect directly with the dead, not through their belongings, pictures, or ashes.

Under special circumstances, such as investigations for example, the medium might request a personal item in order to read the item’s energy.

But a medium can connect directly with the dead person, without your providing any pictures or belongings. When in doubt, ask.

Readings by phone or office are going to be exactly the same with a medium. About 70% of my readings are done by phone, and I meet by phone with clients located throughout the world.

Now that you know that you don’t have to travel for a great reading, you can choose from many mediums worldwide.  Look for one who comes highly recommended from reviews submitted to third party sites such as Bob Olson’s website,

Put on your pajamas, relax, and have your reading from the comfort of your home. By phone!

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium
Tel #1.480.203.2336



Susanne Wilson is a world renowned medium, author, and spiritual teacher located in Carefree near Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona.
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Dreading the Holidays? Read This

Every year, I hear from several clients who dread the holidays. They had a bad year. They failed to reach an important goal. Or they are grieving for a much-loved person or pet.

There’s good news! Our people and pets are enjoying their lives in the heavenly dimensions. They want us to enjoy life too! And they never miss an opportunity to show up for our birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Imagine how sad they will feel if we don’t celebrate. Life, wherever you are living it, is meant to be savored.

One day when you arrive in the afterlife, you’ll realize that you accomplished a lot! You will be welcomed home with a party! Sometimes they have a parade. Not because you were famous or filthy rich. But because you mostly did your best! Acts of compassion for yourself and others will be highly celebrated accomplishments.

We are all perfectly loved and that is worth celebrating.