Solar Eclipse, So What

The eclipse is a beautiful and natural event in space. But could this eclipse mean anything to you personally?

Spirit guides say YES! This is a time of great possibilities, but because you have free will, you must choose whether to take advantage of the opportunity.

Many spirit guides are saying that the next 72 hours following the eclipse present an open portal or spiritual window for the betterment of humankind. With all the free-floating cosmic energies, each person on Earth now has the opportunity to align his or her personality with the soul’s purpose. And then we can manifest our wishes here on Earth.

Your spirit guides know how to leverage all the newly charged energies of the cosmos to help you release negative relationships, habits, and self-beliefs that don’t line-up with who you truly are as a soul.

Some people will feel so strongly about a new beginning that they will change their names. But for most people, the realignment will be more subtle yet still powerful. They may quit negative habits and “old friends” who hold them back.

“To thine own self be true.” That is your spirit guides’ affirmation for you. Anything you wish to change positively about your thoughts, words, and actions;  now is the right time.

Talk to your spiritual team. Say “hello” to your guides. Tell your guides that you are ready to be exactly who you are as a soul: unlimited, eternal, successful, loving, and beloved.

Susanne Wilson is an evidential medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication.



Rock and Roll Heaven

Recently I had the honor of connecting a young man in spirit with his family here on Earth. Garrett is one of the best drummers ever on Earth and in Heaven. He also plays wicked guitar and awesome piano. In spirit form now, Garrett is still a son, brother, friend, and heartthrob to female fans in the U.S. and Europe where his band toured. His star ascended. Like too many rock stars before him, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix, and Janis Joplin to name just a few, Garrett passed from an accidental overdose.

Not only did Garrett bring through detail after detail, in the session he showed me how he is communicating with his Earthly family now. One of the many ways he contacts them is especially unusual. And before his parents could even ask, he showed me his clever way of using his family’s long-forgotten home intercomm system, something they rarely ever use, as a Morse code device of sorts.

No one but Garrett’s parents knew that these odd clicking sounds were coming through the intercomm. They had wondered if it was him; now they knew! And their son in spirit had brought it up even before they asked. Click, click, click, I am pushing the intercomm button to say hi.  Listen. Follow my beat. I am right here and I love you guys!

Months after the session, Garrett’s parents came to see me at an event held this week, an intimate group reading for 50 people. Before the event, I meditated as always, and I heard a young man’s voice. I wrote down what he said: “My mom is bringing you a present.”

Sure enough, just before the group started, Garrett’s mom approached me with a present, all of his music CDs and a hat with the band logo.

And of course, Garrett said hello during the group session, this time waiting until nearly the end so that other spirit people could “talk” first. He is after all, a sweet young man as well as a rocker.

I am going on a road trip tomorrow, and I will be listening to the music of Garrett’s bands, Age Of Evil and Waxy Sugar.

Thank you, bright star, young genius. There’s a rock and roll heaven, and we know they’ve got a hell of a band!

Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium, is an evidential medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication. She teaches intuition development and mediumship to students worldwide by video teleconference.

Angels Among Us

“Six hundred dollars a month?!” the woman gasped, explaining that she had no health insurance. “But why is the prescription so expensive?”

The doctor replied, “It’s because you have an antibiotic-resistant infection,” meaning she needed a special type of antibiotic: an expensive one.

“But what will happen if I don’t take the medicine?” she asked. As I was sitting in the next room, waiting for the doctor to see me in the Urgent-Care Center, I could hear every word of the conversation. My heart broke. I held my breath as the doctor in haled a big breath before answering the distraught woman.

“If you don’t take the medication, you could end up needing I.V. treatment. Or you might die from systemic infection if it spreads.”

Immediately I began praying. I asked for warrior angels of light to help. I heard the woman groan.

The doctor said he would “check on something” then I heard his footsteps in the hallway; but he walked right the room I was sitting in. He was headed towards the Urgent-Care Center’s administration office.

angelI took a big breath in and out. Then prayed louder. In my mind. We need angels here, Dear Creator. Please!

A moment later, the doctor returned with unexpected news. “I put in a call to the company that makes the drug. It looks like they will give you the antibiotic for free,” he said.

It was quiet for just a beat.  “Thank you, doctor,” the woman choked back a sob. “I am going to be okay. You really are an angel.”

If you have the opportunity to be someone’s “angel” on Earth, take it. As the saying goes, we are all just walking each other home!

Susanne Wilson is a medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication. Based in Carefree, Arizona, Susanne is known as the Carefree Medium.

“Dead” Isn’t a Four-Letter Word

Our loved ones in spirit already perfectly know our hearts, and thus there is no need to ever mince words.

Recently, my new book Soul Smart has received some criticism from a few readers who take offense at my use of the words “dead” and “death” throughout the book.

The vast majority of readers say they enjoyed the book and in fact, they had great results using its methods to connect. But there are detractors because of the use of the words “dead” and “death”. One woman referred to me saying that I “surely must be a vile person”. Another counted how many times the word “dead” was used in my book, as though penalties were about to be assessed. I empathize with all my heart. Those who are deeply grieving will indeed likely have difficulty using the word “dead” and I deeply respect the word choices of the individuals. I’m all about compassion! I have, by now, worked with a thousand or more grieving people. Often volunteering, I have given freely of my time and resources to the grieving, even when I had little for myself.

Frankly, I would have used the softer “loved ones in spirit” more often were it strictly up to me.

But my spiritual team of guides, angels, and loved ones insisted that I not shy away from the words “dead” and “death.” I asked why. Here goes! The more we can bring ourselves to say “dead” and “death”, the more we bear witness that death is nothing to be fearful or ashamed about. We can continue to live in the presence of our loved ones, not as scary ghosts but as our beloved family members who no longer have their physical bodies.

There actually is death; that is the reality. However, only the physicality of a person dies. Fortunately, as it turns out, the body is the least important part of us after we are returned to Heavenly home!

Words have power because of the emotions that our words carry. And we can choose the emotion with the words we say. The spirit world asserts that the more we fear and refuse to speak of death, the less we can accomplish on Earth. Fear and shame limit the progress of our souls’ growth.

My spiritual team insisted that I do my part, however small, to help erradicate our Earthly shame, fear, and dread over death and dying. If we say the words more, my team asserts, fear will morph into peace that surpasses all understanding. The truth is this: only our physical bodies will ever experience death. We exist forever!

This is not to make light of grief, but to bring The Light to heal our grief.

We can BEGIN to heal our dread and shame around death and dying, and now live fully, fearlessly, and joyfully while we are still here on Earth.

Don’t shoot the messenger!

Susanne Wilson is an evidential medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication. Susanne is known as the Carefree Medium. She is based in Carefree, Arizona near Phoenix and Scottsdale.

Mothers Day, A Love Story

A sweet, precious mother-in-spirit visited with her living daughter today, during a reading at my office. My client’s mom-in-spirit came to me with her signature scent and the scent name, and she was singing and humming her song, “You Are My Sunshine.” Two very important details to her daughter, a wonderful woman in her 50s, who was having the reading.

As the reading was ending, the mom-in-spirit asked me for a favor. “May I use your body, so I can hug my girl?”

How could I say no. As her spirit entered my body’s cells, all my energy shifted…Now I felt the emotion between mother and daughter, as if it were my own love. My body temperature changed, from warm to chilled.

The hug was powerful and only a few seconds long. As the spirit-mom left my body, she said, “Happy Mothers Day.”

I walked my grateful client out to the reception room, where HER two daughters were waiting. The reading was their gift to their mom!

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! She will always be with you.

Susanne Wilson is a medium, spiritual teacher, and author of Soul Smart: What the Dead Teach About Spirit Communication.


Where Was the Guardian Angel?

People often ask me, where was the guardian angel when a person they love, and especially a child, was killed?  Why didn’t the guardian angel save them?

Here is my own guardian angel’s answer! Her name is “Mariella.”

Mariella used a car accident as an example. Most of us have heard of someone who had a horrific car accident and walked away from it with not more than a scratch. People will say, “Your guardian angel was with you that day.” The reality is that your guardian angel is always with you, from birth until death and between lives.

Someone who walks away from a horrific car accident was spared because it wasn’t time for an exit point in the life plan. And most life plans have about three potential exit-points or deaths built into the plan. If the car accident doesn’t coincide with an exit point, and if an injury wouldn’t be in service to that soul’s growth or to the growth of someone in that person’s life, then the guardian angel’s job is to “wrap arms” around the person and cushion his body from harm.

angelBut what is the guardian angel’s job if the person is meant to die in the car accident?

Mariella explains that, in this case, the guardian angel would “wrap arms” around the person and take away all pain and fear, and help the soul slip from the body, so that person’s soul could then meet a beloved person or pet and cross over.

Remember that death itself is NOT painful, but pleasurable! It is a wonderful experience of light. All of our loved ones in spirit are happy, healthy, and whole.

You are cherished more than you can imagine.

And no one you love is ever really lost!

Hiking In Heaven: 2 Young Men (In Spirit) Arrange for Their Living Moms To Meet

~Reprinted from the December 2016 newsletter of Helping Parents Heal~

Susanne Wilson, Morgan Boisson, and Brian Ruff 

“Our Helping Parents Heal affiliate group here in Phoenix Scottsdale has the great pleasure of hosting Susanne Wilson, the Carefree Medium, at our next group meeting on December 18th at Unity of Phoenix from 1-3 pm.” 

“Susanne has been a huge support to Helping Parents Heal and she will be bringing through validations from our children at the meeting.  We always have a full house and her last meeting drew over 100 parents, so please be sure to RSVP and get to the meeting early to reserve a seat.   If you are in the area, please don’t miss this wonderful meeting!”

 – Elizabeth Boisson, President, Helping Parents Heal


Excerpt from “Soul Smart: The Dead Teach About Spirit Communication” by Susanne Wilson. In this excerpt, two young men (in spirit) arrange for their mothers (in physical) to meet. The two young men then provide stunning evidence of their after-death friendship through two different mediums.
Communication between the living and loved ones in spirit is natural. But it is not easy! In fact, after-death communication is so challenging that both the living and the dead must learn and practice their communication techniques.

In the spirit world, whenever a child is connecting with his living family, other children cheer him on! New friendships are formed among the children, although they never met while they were alive. 
Often, children (in spirit) will arrange to have their living parents meet! It makes the children happy to see their parents become friends who support each other.

Seven years ago, a delightful young man (in spirit) unexpectedly entered my life. Ultimately, he inspired his mother to co-found Helping Parents Heal with Mark Ireland. If you have not heard the amazing story of how I met Morgan and his mother, Elizabeth Boisson, then I invite you to watch the video of Elizabeth at the following link

And it just gets better!
A few days after I met with Elizabeth, I conducted a phone reading for a lovely woman on the East Coast named Jody. 

Jody’s son, Brian, was an accomplished athlete and a beloved son, brother, and friend. Before his death, Brian and his friends had planned a road trip. But Brian had a dream in which he “saw” a car accident during the road trip. He warned his friends and asked them to cancel the trip. They went anyway, without Brian who refused to go. Tragically, all four young men perished in a car accident on the road trip. 

Later on, Brian ended his life while sitting in his cherished sports car, a Mustang. His family and friends were devastated.

Now Brian’s mother, Jody, was having a reading with me. 
Prior to Jody’s reading, the only information I had was her first name. I quickly picked up from spirit that Jody was a bereaved mother. Her son, Brian, provided several evidential details including showing me his Mustang. He introduced his friends, the young men who died in the car accident. Everyone was happy and doing well!


Unexpectedly, I began picking up on another young man who was not in the car accident. Standing next to Brian, I spotted Morgan Boisson! 
I told Jody that a young man named “Morgan Boisson” was standing next to her son, Brian. Jody was perplexed. She had no clue who Morgan was. (Bear in mind that Helping Parents Heal did not yet exist.)

As the reading continued, I noticed that Morgan seemed to be coaching Brian on communicating with me. Brian was quick to learn. The two young men seemed to enjoy working together.  
The two young men motioned for me to look down at their feet. They were both wearing boots. I heard Brian say that he died with his boots on (which his mother then confirmed). hiking

Then the two young men motioned for me to look at the scenery. They were standing on a hiking path, high atop a mountainside filled with wildflowers.

Brian grinned from ear to ear and said, “Tell my mom we’re hiking in heaven.” 

At the end of Jody’s reading, we spoke about the likelihood of Morgan and Brian meeting while they were alive. The probability seemed to be zero. 

After Jody’s reading, I contacted Elizabeth and told her how Morgan had helped Brian with the reading. Then, Elizabeth and Jody spoke on the phone. They thought it was great that their sons met (after death). The words “hiking in heaven” were significant to Elizabeth because she had been hiking every day since Morgan passed and had felt her son’s presence each time she went.  However, the fact that Morgan and Brian were hiking together really didn’t mean too much to either mom. But that was about to change!


A few days after I conducted Jody’s phone reading (in which her son Brian was with Morgan) Elizabeth went to get a reading in Tucson with medium Tina Powers. 
Prior to Elizabeth’s reading with Tina Powers, one of Elizabeth’s daughters had met with Tina. Here I would like to note that although Tina knew some limited information about Morgan’s death, TINA KNEW NOTHING ABOUT BRIAN OR HIS CONNECTION WITH MORGAN. 

Now Morgan’s mother, Elizabeth, was having a reading with Tina in Tucson. Tina observed that there was another young man with Morgan. Tina saw a horse-a Mustang.  At first, Elizabeth didn’t understand but then she remembered that Brian transitioned in his car, which was also a Mustang.  Then Tina mentioned the song ‘Amazing Grace’ and Elizabeth understood the connection; Brian had passed in his beloved Ford Mustang. 
What Tina said next was astonishing. “They’re hiking in heaven.” 
We mediums never know which details will have the most significance to our clients. Thus, good evidential mediums give everything we receive, carefully, without putting our own spin on it. 
Tina Powers and I — completely independently from each other — had simply repeated the words Brian and Morgan provided, thereby providing evidence:
1. The two young men became friends after death;
2. They arranged for their mothers to meet;
3. They are thoroughly enjoying life after death.
Nearly seven years later, Elizabeth and Jody continue to keep in touch…Thanks to their amazing sons!

-Susanne Wilson, The Carefree Medium


Soul Smart: What The Dead Teach Us About Spirit Communication

bookCommunication between the living and the dead is natural but still it is not easy. This book will help.

This is your backstage pass to find out what your beloved dead really need from you to make communication work between you. You can learn what it’s really like in the heavenly country where there is no sickness and no death.

In this book, the dead speak in their own words about what it’s like to communicate with the living. They tell us exactly how they do it. They work very hard at it.

For example, did you know that the dead community uses remote control devices to fuse their energy with a bird, dragonfly, or butterfly? They do this so they can send their beloved living people signs: “I continue to be part of your life today and always. I am doing great here. I love you!”

I’m delighted to share that attorney, author, and one of the most important afterlife researchers in the world, Roberta Grimes, wrote the foreword.

“Susanne Wilson is the greatest living medium in the world today,” said Roberta Grimes.

Well, I don’t know about that…Because I don’t compare myself to others…One thing I do know:  No one we love is ever really “lost.” Your guides, angels, and beloved people and pets in spirit are happy to help you remember that love lives forever!

Suzanne Giesemann: “The One Thing”


Suzanne Giesemann

This is a guest post written by my excellent colleague and dear friend, Suzanne Giesemann.

“I’m disappointed.”  Those were the first words out of my sitter’s mouth at the end of a session I did this morning.  I had just finished channeling her husband’s messages in his own words, answering the two questions she wanted own words, answering the two questions she wanted to know in words that were clearly not my own.  The husband in spirit had done an outstanding job of providing many details about himself along with things that are going on with the family now to show that his death was not the end of his existence.

So why was the sitter disappointed?  In spite of many pieces of accurate evidence that yes, I was indeed communicating with her husband, she had “prayed and prayed to hear ‘the one thing’” that would convince her that her husband was present.

Oh, my.  Deep breath time.  I have to remind myself that most people don’t understand how spirit communication works.  But wait!  Didn’t I have this clearly explained on my website under, “What to Expect in a Reading”?  Here’s an excerpt:

Those in spirit know the kind of evidence I hope to hear from them, including who they are, how they died, what kind of work they did, specific memories, and a long list of other details that will make it clear that they are with us in the room.  The information often comes through in scattered bits, and it can be like piecing together a puzzle.  Please do not let the outcome of the reading depend upon hearing “the one thing” that will convince you that your loved one is present.  It may not be possible for them to get certain details through.  Trust me that they will do their best to let you know they are with you, but expectations about specific things they can get through may be unrealistic and leave you disappointed.  Like a radio station, a medium is able to tune in to certain frequencies better than others.  Those on the other side will get through everything they are able to.  At times information is withheld if it serves a purpose not to share it or if they are not ready to share it. 

I sungave my all for that woman’s reading.  The husband did his part in spades.  My immediate reaction at her disappointment was intense irritation.  “Didn’t you hear all that evidence?  This is not like picking up a telephone!” and then I caught my human side rearing up due to my own disappointment that she would never be satisfied.  I took a few deep breaths and reminded myself that I was dealing with someone who was in great pain.

I sent the sitter my love, and then I sent a text and vented all over my friend, evidential medium Susanne Wilson.  It’s such a gift to have a sounding board who understands this unusual line of work that neither of us ever expected to be doing.  Susanne has been there/done that with sitters who weren’t going to be satisfied unless they heard “the one thing.”

Her reply immediately brought me back to center: “I think there were no instructions you could possibly have given up front that would have led to this person being satisfied.  Even if her husband went along and delivered the exact words she wanted, a week, or a month, or 6 months from now there would be a new “exact words” she needs to hear.  That’s why those in spirit often refuse to play the ‘code words’ game.”

Wow.  Instant “Aha!” moment.  Thank you, Susanne!  I’ve had numerous experiences of those on the other side withholding certain pieces of evidence for a reason.  Could it be, as Susanne added in a later text, that the spirit community does not want to create co-dependency or excessive emotional or psychological reliance on those in spirit?

I had agreed to do this session at no charge only six months after the initial session with this sitter because of the depths of her grief.  I usually ask people to wait at least a year for a repeat reading, if I do a repeat session at all, because so many others are waiting for the experience of connecting with their loved ones who have passed.  The goal of mediumship is to show the continuity of consciousness, and we had clearly done that in the first sitting.  I now see that I had enabled her.

Aabout Manifestation Divine pic butterflyt first I felt sorry for the husband in spirit who tried so hard, only to have his wife left disappointed that I couldn’t get “the one thing.”  Now I realize that he isn’t disappointed at all.  He made his presence known and expressed his love beautifully.  From his higher perspective in the spirit world, he knows that his wife is on her own soul’s journey.  Each of us grieves in our own way, and our challenges often lead to some of our soul’s greatest growth.

If “the one thing” a sitter wants to hear doesn’t come through in a session, is it the medium’s fault, a poor connection, or a deliberate act of love from the other side?  I don’t know.  There are many things I won’t know until I get to the other side.  All I can do is keep working on fine-tuning my antenna and overriding those reactions that come from being a soul in a human being’s suit.

When I recognize my ego flaring up (Ego is the default position in us humans, so it never completely goes away), and I rise above my human disappointment and irritation, what is left?  That’s easy:  compassion.  I feel the greatest compassion for my sitter’s pain, but I know that each of us grows through our trials.  Dealing with sitters’ expectations and not getting knocked off center is clearly a challenge for me to address with that pesky ego, so I will work on that.

I’m so very grateful for each piece of evidence that does come through this “instrument,” whether or not it’s “the one thing.”  It’s the most awesome, humbling feeling to sit with someone grieving the passing of a loved one and have that spirit say or show something through me that I couldn’t possibly know about them.  Those pieces of a puzzle that reveal a loved one’s presence bring healing and comfort beyond measure.  They say, “I’m right here with you.  I haven’t left you at all, and you will see me again.”  Taken all together, the evidence shows us that love never dies.

Wow.  That’s it: “Love never dies.”  That’s the ultimate message of this work as a medium, isn’t it?  So, Susanne and I, and every other medium who isn’t satisfied unless we get verifiable evidence when we serve spirit do, indeed, get “the one thing” every time.

I am so grateful.



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What’s the best way to ask a psychic for advice regarding a life question?

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